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BB Furniture Launches New Fire Resistant Products - Essay Example

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Fire resistant furniture are not only practical in office settings such as fire-resistant filing cabinets and safes. They are now more and more becoming useful and practical as fire retardant in homes and commercial establishments as more fire cases are brought to the attention of the Hong Kong Fire Services.
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BB Furniture Launches New Fire Resistant Products
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Download file to see previous pages BB Furniture Co., Ltd., shall also be promoting its corporate image by sponsoring fire emergency training programs of the departmnent in commercial and domestic settings taking advantage of the chance to build awareness about the fire-resistant products of the company.
Hong Kong Fire Services Director Kwok Jing-keung acknowledged in his 2004 message that (Jing-keung, 2004) that the government's budgetary constraints continued to pose serious challenge although he admonished not to compromise the department's service standards. He outlined an alternative to trim expenditure and enhance cost-effectiveness as new fire-fighting appliances and equipment were procured as well as strengthening efficiency through fire-fighting programmes and rescue and risk management. He also noted over 65,000 volunteers from the community while leaders were appointed as Honorary Presidents for the Fire Safety Ambassador Clubs in local districts as early as 2005.
fatalities in fires between the same period: 66 recorded deaths in 1996, 47 in 1997, 14 in 1998, 29 in 1999, and 20 in 2000. Likewise, there were 32 recorded deaths in 2001, 25 in 2002, 25 in 2003, 9 in 2004 and 15 in 2005.
Injuries in fires are 618 in 2000, 468 in 2001, 515 in 2002, 434 in 2003, 451 in 2004 and 367 in 2005. The report also indicated various classification of fire emergencies that occurred between 2004 and 2005 (please see Appendix).
All these data point out to the fact the fire accidents actually occur and frequency cannot be predetermined as well as the place and time it could happen. This makes precaution, proper training and safety campaigns very important.
Role of BB Furniture
As fire-resistant furniture, BB Furniture products shall serve as fire-retardant whenever is used in domestic, institutional or commercial settings as in school, church, businesses, among other places where people or the public gather.
BB Furniture, in its public relations campaign as sponsor for fire safety training and mass awareness campaign ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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