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Ergomatics Ltd- Product Launch - Essay Example

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Ergonomics Ltd is a leading manufacturer of variable height furniture for the educational market. The company has strengths in the design, supply, and installation of furniture for education institutions that adheres to strict government guidelines. …
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Ergomatics Ltd- Product Launch
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Extract of sample "Ergomatics Ltd- Product Launch"

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Ergonomics Ltd is a leading manufacturer of variable height furniture for the educational market. The company has strengths in the design, supply and installation of furniture for education institutions that adheres to strict government guidelines. The company has expertise in the quality and design product to meet specific need of its consumers. It supplies furniture to most of the good schools and educational institutes. The product it supplies is customized according to space need and design needs of consumers. It has been able to provide good quality products at reasonable cost. The deliveries of products are always on time. The customer focused approach; good product and service have created a brand name for Ergonomics Ltd in the market. It supplies the products directly or through the distribution network it has established in last 30 years. Its strong distribution network, good credit policies and distribution channel management have created a strong distribution network. It has strong manufacturing base and supplier’s network that can provide them raw materials at the best prices. Being one of the leaders in the market the company has reached at the stage where it can get best prices of raw materials. It has employee focused approach. It provides best compensation, wages and working conditions to its employees. It is regarded as one of the best employers in the market. Ergonomics Ltd has a turnover of £110,000,000 with operating profits of £7,000,000. Company is planning to diversify in new business.

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(Ergomatics Ltd- Product Launch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Ergomatics Ltd- Product Launch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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