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Relevance of integrated transport policies and accessibility strategies in the development of tourism - Essay Example

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In the second half of the 20th century, the major focal point of transport policy and transportation studies was on the decrease of the use of mechanical, individual transport, in scrupulous. The key concepts determined on creating a nice-looking public transport supply and to improve the communications for non-motorized traffic in order to open up substitute forms of travel…
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Relevance of integrated transport policies and accessibility strategies in the development of tourism
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, there are article key factors for successful holiday and tourism public transport provision. There is need for rethinking transport policy by choosing a demand-oriented approach and realizing the importance of additional accompanying efforts in the areas of marketing, transparency and quality. Focusing on the demand side, with its individual attitudes and likings, leads to a new understanding of traffic preparation by adopting a bottom up, instead of a top down approach.
Tourist places consist of a range of products and services, which the tourist guzzles, usually at the point of production. Along with these, transport is often ignored, despite the highly important input it makes to the overall tourism product both as a catalyst, providing access to and from the destination, and as a provider of tourist mobility around the desired area. The contribution of good internal convenience to destination quality and pleasure is progressively more being recognized. However, a lack of clarity regarding the division of responsibility between various destination stakeholders often affects the delivery of quality transport for tourism and leisure purposes. Moreover, there is a lack of detailed research on tourists as users of transport networks, with the result that attempts to furnish for this market may be at best poorly knowledgeable, at worst mistaken. At the same time, it is increasingly obvious that visitor destinations are under pressure to cope with large amounts of traffic and overcrowding, in urban areas as well as rural. (Smith, Robinson, 2006)

Brighton is a town on the south coast of England and with its neighbor Hove forms the city of Brighton and Hove. The ancient settlement of Brighthelmston dates before the Domesday Book in 1086 but it emerged as a health resort during the 18th Century and in 1841, it became a desired place for day-trippers after the arrival of the railway. Brighton experienced rapid population growth reaching over 160,000 by 1961. Modern Brighton is stretching along the coast, with a population of around 480,000. 8 million tourists every year visit Brighton. The town also has a substantial business conference industry. Brighton has two universities and a medical school.
The arrival of the railway in 1841 brought Brighton within the reach of tourists from London and population growth from around 7,000 in 1801 to over 120,000 by 1901. The Victorian era buildings of many major attractions including the Grand Hotel built in 1864, the West Pier in 1866and the Palace Pier in 1899. (Bullen, 2005)
The land area of Brighton increased from 1,640acres(7km) in 1854 to 14,347acres(58km) in 1952, after boundary changes between 1873 and 1952. New housing estates were established in the acquired areas including Moulsecoomb, Bevendean, Coldean and Whitehawk. The major expansion of 1928 also incorporated the villages of Patcham, Ovingdean and Rottingdean, and much council housing was built in parts of Woodingdean after the Second World War. Recently, gentrification of much of Brighton has seen a return of the fashionable image which characterised the growth of the Regency period. Recent housing in the North Laine, has been designed in keeping with the area. In 1997 Brighton and Hove were joined to form the unitary authority of Brighton and Hove, which was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium celebrations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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