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Michael Jacksons Thriller - Case Study Example

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Michael Jackson's Thriller is the most commercially successful albums f all time. This paper will discuss and analyze the production and overall sound f the album.
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Michael Jacksons Thriller
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Download file to see previous pages Eighty years later, we came up with all sorts f things that those early pioneers f the twenties could have ever dreamed. There are many different recording techniques and technologies in today's studio business.

To fully understand the different techniques and technologies in the studio business, one would need to know exactly what a studio is and how the Thriller was recorded. Thriller's studio was a room acoustically tuned for the purpose f getting the best sound possible on tape while using a microphone pickup. In other words, the studio needed to be structurally isolated in order to keep outside sounds from entering the room and getting on tape. The studio was also designed to keep internal sounds form leaking out and disturbing the surrounding environment. There are many types f studios. They vary in size, shape, and acoustic design in accordance with the personal tastes f the owners. For example, Thriller's studio that was designed to record a great deal f rock music was small in size with highly absorbent walls. On the other hand, a recording studio designed for orchestral film scoring would be much larger by comparison, possibly with high ceilings. Some f the first studios back in the fifties and sixties were relatively large in size. Recording studios have generally decreased in size over the last two decades. This is mainly due to the fact that in the fifties and sixties the musicians had to perform at the same time.
Today, technology allows musicians to come in and record their own part; then, later that will be added to the final record. This process is called "overdubbing". Overdubbing is when one puts a part on tape at different times, different studios, or even in a different city. This process happens in a different part f the studio called the control room. In the recording f Thriller, the control room served two purposes in recording studio. The first was that the room was acoustically optimized to act as a critical listening environment. The second was that it housed the majority f studio equipment. A mixing board is a very common piece f equipment in the control room. The mixing board allows the engineer to mix together and control basically all the devices fond in the studio. A recording console is another piece f equipment one might find in the control room. The console's basic function is the large task f enabling any combinations f inputs, outputs, and effects to be made. In order for one to fully understand the recording process that takes place in a recording studio, they need to be familiar with some terms and pieces f equipment that one would use in a studio.
In Thriller's recording one piece f equipment which played a very important role was transducer. A transducer is any device which changes one kind f energy for another. A sensor f a CD player or playback leads f a tape recorder are both common examples f a transducer. Another device is an amplifier or anything that makes an electrical copy f an electrical signal. A machine that consists f the controls, or divided to allow control over a number f narrow frequency range is called an equalizer. Additional speaker aimed to allow talkers or performers to monitor or hear himself ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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