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History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete - Term Paper Example

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The "History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete" paper states that the 8 track tape went through different phases in its lifetime. Though the format may seem too obsolete in the world of digital electronics, it is a fact that the format was hugely popular for a decade and a half. …
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History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete
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Extract of sample "History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete"

Download file to see previous pages The music industry was quick to capitalize on its high-quality sound and anti-warp and anti-skip properties and soon the 8-track tape became the replacement for vinyl-LP records. The origin of the 8 track tape can be attributed to the motion picture industry of the 1920s when endless loop motion pictures were used for advertising and other purposes. By the 1940s, the endless loop motion picture idea was being used with the new German-style plastic recording tapes.

Despite there being many claimants to its invention, it is William J. Lear who is genuinely credited with inventing the 8 racks magnetic tape. Lear, an inventor, and entrepreneur was born in Hannibal, Missouri on June 26, 1902. He attended school in Chicago, Illinois. Lear dropped out of school in the eighth grade. However, he continued his efforts at self-learning. As a young man running short on money, Lear joined the Navy. It was while in his job in Navy that he studied radio electronics and developed a passion for sound technology (Rockman 369). Besides, the 8 track tape, Lear is credited with the invention of the Learjet airplane. He also has to his credit a large number of radio patents. His in-car radio ‘Motorola’ was a contraction of ‘motor’ and ‘Victrola’ car player. Lear also designed the universal amplifier, which he subsequently sold to the RCA. Lear founded the Lear Electronics Corporation, which after a merger with Siegler Corporation in 1960 became Lear Siegler Inc.

Although Lear began his experiments at inventing the eight-track tape early, he remained without success and opted for the development of electronic components for the aircraft. In the 1940s, Lear earned fame by developing instruments and communications equipment for airplanes. As a licensee of Armor Research Foundation, Lear got access to the laboratory’s R& D facilities and the path-breaking wire recording technology, which eventually helped him in his own design for an endless loop tape recorder.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete Term Paper, n.d.)
History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete Term Paper.
(History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete Term Paper)
History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete Term Paper.
“History of 8 Tracks Tape and Why the Format Became Obsolete Term Paper”.
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