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Marketing Management: A case study of Innocent Drinks Private Ltd - Essay Example

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Marketing is an important feature of today's business process. Today's marketer is with tough decisions, which require constant evaluation of consumer's choices and perceptions. With the passing time the consumers are becoming more aware, choosy and volatile…
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Marketing Management: A case study of Innocent Drinks Private Ltd
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Extract of sample "Marketing Management: A case study of Innocent Drinks Private Ltd"

Download file to see previous pages The American marketing association defines market research as "The systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services". Consumer analysis is an important part of the market strategy. Every marketing campaign is aimed at consumers. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy it is important to understand the buyers needs and wants attached to a product. In order to understand how the consumers actually make their buying decisions, marketers must identify the motivators and the decision-makers.
The aim of the report is to undertake a thorough analysis of the marketing strategy of the Innocent Drinks Company Limited. In order to undertake the analysis the secondary data is used. Adding recommendations for the improvement of the marketing practices of the Company has increased the effectiveness and usefulness of report.
Innocent Drinks is a UK based company founded in 1998 whose primary business is producing premium smoothies and flavoured spring water, sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets nationally as well as in Amsterdam and Paris. Innocent has a 61% share of the 85m UK smoothie market and the company sells one million smoothies per week. (Wikipedia, 2007)
In this case study of Innocent drinks Ltd. ...
(Wikipedia, 2007)
In this case study of Innocent drinks Ltd. Secondary data is used in order to analyse the marketing strategy of the Company. The most common forms of secondary sources are books, academic journal articles, official government statistics or financial records, and other publications. Secondary sources can not be described as original to the researcher and do not have a direct physical relationship to the event being studied, either because of the presence of intermediaries or because of the period of time between the recording and the event (Veal, 1997; Walliman and Baiche, 2001). I.e. secondary sources involve seeking and analysing data that already exist, data that have not been created particularly for the purpose at hand but were initially collected for another purpose. It is valuable source of information, especially in the early steps of a project, helping with problem explanation and research design and planning, and at later stages, providing a context for the understanding of primary data (McGivern, 2003).
Journals are helpful in providing up to date information on current monthly issues. They are usually the most useful sources for research projects however the relevance and usefulness of such journals vary considerably, and occasionally they can lead to possible bias (Saunders et. al, 2003).
The Internet is a huge research facility, which is used to a great extent in order to find out the most relevant information regarding the company.
"Growth is being driven by innocent. Last year the company's turnover was 16.7m and this year innocent confidently states that it is going to break the 30m barrier. According to the company, smoothies are continuing to grow faster than chilled juice at 43% versus 10% year-on-year, whilst innocent itself is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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