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Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow,” the author analyzes the novel, which speaks of the inefficiency of the judicial system in handling cases. The main character, “Rusty” Sabich, was a chief deputy prosecutor for Kindle County before things went wayward…
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Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow
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Extract of sample "Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow"

Download file to see previous pages The judiciary system is also viewed as inefficient in handling crucial cases as a serious murder case involving their own prosecutor, is lower to grudges. Instead of the prosecutors trying to get the real culprit behind Carolyne’s murder, they instead turn it into a selfless affair and a fight towards key positions (Switz 6). The prosecutor, Molto at the time of the case, had been interested in the chief deputy prosecutor job since it would give him a better place to carry out his evil deeds. Indeed, Molto got the opportunity and framed his fellow prosecutor on charges that he had earlier called the deceased on the night of the murder plus his fingerprints were on the deceased glass (Peter 7). Sabich realized his arrest was a setup and tried to find the cause, only to find the true killer of Carolyne. Rusty’s decision in taking the job assigned to him by his boss, Horgan was a good idea, though the situation at that time was really messed up. First, a few months earlier before the murder of Carolyne, he was in an affair with her despite being married. Secondly, her wife, Barbara knew about his extramarital affair and brought hell on earth when such an issue came about. Again, taking a case of his ex-lover was really a clever thing (Bergman & Asimow 30). Rusty’s decision of accepting to take the murder case eventually led him to the culprit and also under covered some evil deed taking place in the courtroom. Rusty later in the story, he learns that one of his friends killed Carolyne to cover up some corruption deals (Maslin 8). He also discovered that his arrest had much more in it after he was whispered by someone that Molto was after his job. In the end, Sabich is viewed as looking for evidence that links up to the murder and also tries to his innocence. The movie In the movie Presumed Innocent, the director, Alan J. Pakula copies the plot of the novel Presumed Innocent written by Scott Turow. In this film, Harrison Ford plays the role of a prosecutor, Rusty Sabich. In the movie, Rusty is forced to undertake a murder case of, Caroline, a fellow prosecutor that had found murdered as the movie starts in her apartment. In a flashback, Caroline is viewed as a conniving mantrap that uses her wile to prosper in her career (Alan 3). In the movie, Sabich is assigned by his boss, Raymond Horgan (Dennehy), to handle the murder case. On the hand, though Sabich tries to take the case, he is forced by his boss to take in. At that moment, Sabich is faced by a decision whether to take the case or not since he once used to be a lover of the deceased. Twists in the movie unfold after Horgan loses his seat for Nico Della. Sabich is then arrested after evidence was found linked to the murder. Sabich then appoints Sandy Stem to be his lawyer (Alan 97). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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