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Visiting the City Council - Essay Example

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First of all, there was a small group of aged men, who were discussing some recent political issues, such as the latest situation in Congress and international policy of our President George W. Bush. They spent quite a lot of time next to the building and then got slowly dissolved in the crowd of passers by.
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Visiting the City Council
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Extract of sample "Visiting the City Council"

Visiting the Council In the end of working day it was very crowded next to the building of our Council, so I could observe some interesting individuals and actions.
First of all, there was a small group of aged men, who were discussing some recent political issues, such as the latest situation in Congress and international policy of our President George W. Bush. They spent quite a lot of time next to the building and then got slowly dissolved in the crowd of passers by.
Also, I could observe three guys, who were distributing some promotion materials of a new brand of water for domestic use. They were saying that water in our city lines was going more and more terrible, so buying some drinking water was vital.
As it was the end of working hours, there were many officials leaving their working places in the City Council. Many of them were talking about the efforts on forming city budget for 2006 and proper allocation of financial resources. Such talks were frequently accompanied by discussion of taxation issue.
Some people were talking about property matters, in particular, the problems of buying property and investments into construction. For about ten minutes two young men, standing next to the doors of the building, have been lively discussing the necessity of reconstruction of our city park.
Everybody seemed to be very busy next to the Council. But a few officials were leaving the building very slowly. They were discussing some private matters: in particular, sharing their plans for Christmas vacations.
Also, outside of the building I found a board of information about the activity of our city administration. It included general information, accompanied with FAQ section about any possible problem, which can bring a person to City Council. And also there was everything available regarding to the duties, names and contacts of the Council Members.
Visiting the Supreme Court
Standing for one hour next to the Supreme Court of our State, I could notice much less activity and fewer amounts of visitors. A group of tired security officers was located outside of the building in a small watch box. There were a number of black luxury cars on parking territory next to the Court building.
Soon, I saw two people, who were leaving the building and talking about filling some admission forms or other documentations. Then, I saw a guy, carrying some PC hardware and cables into the building from his car.
A couple of times I saw people, who were talking about the delays connected with filing or slow paperwork. Once, a woman came out of the doors of the Court. She was extremely furious and has been angrily taking to herself.
Two people, who once got out from the car and started approaching the court were extremely illustrative. Most probable, one of them was a lawyer, and the other was his client. The client was very upset and tangled, and the lawyer was trying to calm the client down, saying that everything would be handled well.
Once or twice I could observe some groups of people, who were leaving the building in total silence. Mostly such men were very well-dressed and formal. I happened to see even foreigners, who were speaking Spanish or Italian. They entered the building of the Court, but very soon they went out.
Finally, a young man came out of the building and started talking by his mobile phone in great excitement. I tried to come closer and hear what he was talking about. But seeing me approaching, the man hastily receded, jumped into his jeep and disappeared.
The main thing which impressed me a lot was deep thoughtfulness, sadness or worry on the faces of people, entering and going out of the Supreme Court building. It was rather depressive time for me to stand there.
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