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Rdms. phase 1 db2 - Essay Example

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The relational database lifecycle is the process through which a relational database system is developed. Within the larger information system, the database, too, is subject to a life cycle. The Database Life Cycle contains six phases: initial study, database design, implementation and loading, testing and evaluation, operation, and maintenance and evolution…
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Rdms. phase 1 db2
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Download file to see previous pages The second phase focuses on the design of the database model that will support company operations and objectives. In the process of database design, concentration must be placed on the data characteristics required to build the database model. Two views of the data within the system are available the business view of data and the designers' view. RDBLC's second phase also includes data definition. It is also important to note thatthe database design is not a sequential process it is rather an iterative process with continuous feedback.
In the conceptual design phase, an abstract structure is created that represents real-world objects in the most realistic way possible. The conceptual model must represent a clear understanding of the business and its functional areas and is software and hardware independent.
ii) Entity relationship modeling and normalization (The ER model serves to be a communication tool between technical and non-technical individuals as well as a design blueprint. During normalization the dependencies are checked and data anomalies removed)
Logical design is used to translate the conceptual design into the internal model (database schema) for a selected database management system. Therefore, the logical design is obviously software-dependent.
III. Physical Design
Physical design is the process of selecting the data storage access characteristics of the database. These characteristics are actually the types of devices supported by the hardware, the system, and the DBMS. Therefore the physical design is hardware dependant. It affects not only the location of the data in the storage device(s) but also the performance of the system.
3. Implementation and Loading
The relational database and its interfaces are created according to the specification of a logical schema. A new database implementation requires the creation of special storage-related blocks for the placement of end-user tables.
During the implementation and loading phase, the security, performance, integrity, backup and recovery, standards, and control issues must also be addressed.
4. Testing
Once the data have been loaded into the database, the DBA tests and fine-tunes the database for performance, integrity, concurrent access, and security constraints. The testing and evaluation phase occurs in parallel with applications programming.
5. Operation
Once the database has passed the test phase, it is considered to be operational. On the whole all the components the database, its management, its users, and its application programs are in place at this time and represent a complete information system.
6. Maintenance
The maintenance phase starts as soon the database is implemented. The database ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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