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Managing Business Information (report) - Assignment Example

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Both of them help an organisation in daily business operation as well as to maintain an uninterrupted business schedule. A spreadsheet can be defined as a computer program, which transforms the computer…
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Managing Business Information (report)
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Extract of sample "Managing Business Information (report)"

Download file to see previous pages Manipulation as well as plotting of data is also possible with the help of few simple commands. Even so, while defining database, it can be outlined as the prime technique for developing an information system in the modern business process. The databases are used in e-commerce and internet based marketing systems. It is very important for information system developers to have detailed knowledge and understanding regarding data structure and data analysis. The spreadsheets and database are highly used by organisations for proper running of their business. However, it is noticed that the use of database is preferred against that of spreadsheets, in present business scenario. The report details the difference between use of database and spreadsheets, along with differences between the two. It also highlights the database and spreadsheets models, which are used in the recent years for development of the informative system in an organisation. The strength and weakness of both the processes are elaborated in the report; so as to determine the best tool used in the present world of management (Baxter, 2006).
Spreadsheets are used traditionally by accountants to prepare financial budgets and had helped them to identify the financial position of companies. It is the main software for companies, which assist them to track the basis of numerical information and evaluate the same quickly and easily, compared to paper calculations. It is used widely for accounting and financing purposes and also, to record transactions made by the companies. Spreadsheets have helped accountants to replace the manual pages in ledgers, where the income and expenditure are detailed in columns and rows. The users of spreadsheets can build different functionalities, which assist them in understanding data without the need of any mathematical skill. One of the main advantage of the spreadsheet software is that it is customised with macros and buttons and thus, makes it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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