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What Was The Dominant Theological Issues At Stake In The Resolution Of Nicene Crede - Essay Example

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Nicene Creed was made with the primary purpose to identify who has the real faith in the Christian principles and who does not. It was a sense of quality consciousness that ensured a definition for what is acceptable quality and what is not. …
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What Was The Dominant Theological Issues At Stake In The Resolution Of Nicene Crede
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"What Was The Dominant Theological Issues At Stake In The Resolution Of Nicene Crede"

Download file to see previous pages It was not a new concept that was brought in by the Nicene Crede; it was an agreement between the east and the west on the basis of Christian theology. In AD 325, the first Ecumenical Council adopted the Nicene Crede. This listed out the basic tenets that would make the Nicene Crede as accepted by the Ecumenical church. Ecumenical was a world wide general council that adopted the standard practices that the church should follow and this applied to all the churches everywhere in the world. Therefore, Nicene Creed can be looked at as the set of rules that were adopted by the entire world for the church. The Nicene Creed went through changes in the Constantinople Council in 381 AD (Collins, Ken., 2006). The canons went through alterations and included the terms 'and the son' in the decrees in addition to the 'holy spirit'. This council firmed the Nicene Creed and indicated that no more creeds will be recognised by the Ecumenical council.

Whereas Nicene Creed was about one and the only Holy Spirit and his one and only son, there were other theologies that came out in the later creeds like Chalcedonian, Apostle and others. Nicene Creed has been accepted by a number of Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. Some of the Protestant churches are also subscribers to these thoughts. Nicene Creed puts the entire Christian theology as accepted by the Ecumenical council into a summary or doctrine. History is resplendent with the changes that were brought into the creed at different points of time. The changes that were introduced in the creed were brought in by the western thinking Roman Catholics mostly and many changes in these were subsequently accepted. Nicene Creed was later etched on stone and metal to be made the basic faith on which Christianity laid its stress on.

In short, Nicene Creed theology espouses the cause of one universal God and his Son, who was born as the saviour of the world and the human beings here. He was the one who came in the body of the human being and He was the one who was resurrected on the third day after He was crucified by Pontius Pilate. He will come back again on the judgement day to judge the dead and the living. Every true Christian would believe in the Holy Spirit and would worship the Father and the Son. There is only one Single Church and one Baptism that would forgive all the sins (Creeds, 1997). They would also believe in the 'resurrection of the dead and that the life of the world to come'.

Nicene Creed theology states that there is only one God, the Father. It also believes in the making of the earth and all the things that are visible and invisible by him. The later filioque addition to the theology is in the form of 'the son' in addition to the Father. This meant that the Son was a part of the entire process from the very beginning even before the commencement of the creation. The creed was created to adjudge the faith of the individual and had to insist on the existence of one church for all Catholic and Apostle. The Nicene Creed could therefore, be said in a short summary, that there is only one God, the Father and his Son, and he created the universe and the Son came in the body of the human being to deliver the people off their sins. It also said that they are to be worshipped and glorified and that there is only one church for Catholic and Apostolic communions. It also said that there will be a judgement day when the world, both the dead and the living will be judged and when every person who lived here ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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