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Planning (written ) - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Literacy - Scribner (1986), in a landmark declaration, writes that "literacy is socially defined" (p…
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Presentation Planning (written presentation)
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Extract of sample "Planning (written )"

Download file to see previous pages One definition, which is presented by Bailey, Hunsberger and Hayden (1998), is literacy involves a "complex set of skills that allow learners to express, explore, question, and understand the flow of ideas among individuals and groups" (p. 120). In the context of Scribner statement's this set of skills vary from one society to another and from one time period to another. Nevertheless, in spite of the differences in society, there appears to be a common literacy skill, mainly, reading and writing. The elements of assessment, reception, instruction, and analysis can present a cohesive and well-rounded reading and writing experience as regards adolescent education.
A. functional literacy- The term functional literacy refers to the level of learning at which one is able to read well enough to negotiate life's everyday activities and demands. In recent generations, however, the criteria for functional literacy have made it a moving target" (Manzo, 2003, 654).
B. variety of learning styles- There are visual learners, kinesthetic learners, auditory learners, gifted learners, disabled learners, avoidant learners, etc. This is important- but not as important as their strategies of personal learning (du Boulay, 1999)
1. TV and internet- Heavy viewing linked to lower assessment scores (Mokhtari, Reichard, & Gardner, 2009)
C. secondary to higher education transition- Less parental involvement in education produces less research and, in turn, less change (Mokhtari et al., 2009)
D. deep reading strategies (du Boulay, 1999)
III. Instruction
A. PISA lessons (Brozo, Shiel, & Topping, 2007)
1. developed recommendations after research: common leisure reading text types be incorporated into classroom activities, display a love for reading such as is requested of the student, embrace social literary clubs, include diverse reading materials, and incorporate a level of choice in readings, projects, and other large creative literary units (Pitcher, S., Albright, L., DeLaney, C., Walker, N., Seunarinesingh, K., Mogge, S., et al., 2007).

a. similar American recommendations: common leisure reading types be incorporated, teacher modeling reading, embrace social literary clubs, include diverse reading materials, and incorporate a level of choice in readings, projects, and other large creative literary units (Pitcher, Albright, DeLaney, Walker, Seunarinesingh, Mogge, et al., 2007).
B. predictability (Lynch, 2008)
C. student interest (Manzo, 2003, Mokhtari et al., 2009)
1. creating interest (Simon, 2008)
IV. Analysis
A. inner argument (du Boulay, 1999)
1. as social constructivism (Falk-Ross, 2001)
B. Hermida's (2009) deep reading strategies: questioning of the overall purpose of the text, the context, the thesis, the detailed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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