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Online blog research - Essay Example

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Designing a website to market a product line begins with the overview of what the firm expects from the website. This will be driven by what the customer needs, and what the site's visitors expectations will be. The myriad aspects must include usability and user-friendliness…
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Online blog research
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Download file to see previous pages These considerations carry even more weight when we explore the factors that will determine a successful website that markets toys.
The complexity of marketing toys on the Internet begins with the target audience. The website offering toys will be visited by young children, their parents, and grandparents. There will be vast differences in Internet capability and a wide variety of tastes. The site should be simple enough to navigate for a 10-year-old child, yet offer the sense of security and trust required for an adult to feel comfortable. The test of 3 websites offered by major toy retailers showed some important differences in usability across age groups.
To begin the investigation, we attempted to shop for two toys on,, and These sites were selected by their prominence on the major search engines, which indicate they are probably most selected by consumers. While and are for general toys, has a niche market for educational toys. We looked for an erector set for a ten-year-old boy, and a Barbie doll for a ten-year-old girl. While used age brackets, such as 3-4 and 5-7 years of age, and listed each age below 8 separately. ...
Shopping by department fared no better. On, we looked for the erector set under building sets and retrieved hundreds of different toys. Narrowing the search by age the results were still overwhelming. Simply shopping for an erector set was not realistic. Only on was the erector set a separate category. However, the search for a Barbie doll was much simpler. ToysRUs and etoys had a listing for 'characters' and 'brand', and Barbie was listed as a main category of toy. In fact, had 50 items listed under the Barbie category priced from $10 to $200. The Barbie department at had over 100 Barbie items. The site operated by fatbraintoys did not carry a Barbie doll. When the search was narrowed to the 2008 Holiday Barbie doll, and had the doll and both were identically priced. All three websites offered toys that were categorized as boy's or girl's toys. Marketing differentiation is a difficult task on the Internet, and will certainly come down to product placement.
Shopping for an erector set simply by narrowing the age group or shopping a department would take more time and patience than any child or adult would expend. However, all three sites have an easy to use site-specific search engine. By entering the word 'erector', all three sites returned their selection of erector sets. However, there were significant differences in the results. While listed 3 different erector sets priced between $40 and $100, listed 20 different sets in the range of $18 to $90. However, though only listed 8 different sets, they covered the wider price range of from $20 to $300. Clearly, when a consumer is shopping for a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Online Blog Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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