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Gender Discrimination in the workplaceDifferences in earnings - Research Proposal Example

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It is not hidden that there is and always has been gender discrimination in the workplace. The debate is that females are treated differently, not necessarily for the worse, in the workplace, they are usually delegated less responsibility, and most importantly, they are paid less than their male counterparts…
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Gender Discrimination in the workplaceDifferences in earnings
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"Gender Discrimination in the workplaceDifferences in earnings"

Download file to see previous pages In earlier times, the gap between the pay of men and women was large. In recent times, this gap has narrowed to a great extent. What is this gap This is when men and women earnings are measured, a woman's earnings is always less than that of a man. Men earnings are used as a standard to measure female pays (Facts on Working Women, 2004).
In 1992, women's median hourly earning was 79.4 percent of men's. While the female median wage or salary rate was 75.4 percent of their male equivalents. Annual women earnings in 1992 were 70.6 percent of men earnings (Facts on Working Women, 2004). These figures (adapted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) prove that women are paid less. They were paid even less 40 years earlier than 1992. In these years, from early 1950s, women earnings have grown by 1.3 percent each year while men earnings have only grown by a 1.1 percent annually. This shows that the earnings gap narrowed in these 40 so years and continues to do so.
The widest gap in earnings was found in sales job in the late 1990s. Only one out of every ten women was employed in such an occupation (BLS, 2008). The following graph is adapted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows women's earnings as a percentage of men earnings over the last 28 years, by age.
The graph shows that women's earnings as a percentage of men's has generally increased over the last thirty years. The earnings gap has narrowed for all age groups. However, we must remember that employment patters consistently illustrate that women largely occupy lower-paid jobs than men, even after providing for changes in tastes and productivity.
This paper will revolve around the question of discrimination in the workplace. Are women paid less than men The paper will discuss which gender is paid less in the workplace and is discriminated against. First, this will be illustrated by giving statistical information about differences in earnings. After this, reasons for such differences will be discussed and it will be evaluated why there is discrimination in the workplace.

According to an economist's definition, discrimination in the workplace is when two people have equal productivity but different outcomes. These people are most likely to be a part of different groups. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a well known fact that women have been a target of discrimination in the workplace. Evidence of discrimination in the workplace is subtle. They can be analyzed by either direct testimonies or by studying statistical employment patterns (Jacobsen, 2007).
Some people say that because of this discrimination they are also paid less in earnings than the men in same or similar organizations. But we must understand that men, obviously, are stronger; physically and sometimes, even mentally. Men are good in crisis. Most men have the attributes of natural leaders, for example, strong mindedness etcetera.
Besides that, many women wish to spend more time with family and less time at work. They may not be as willing as their male counterparts to travel around the world to get promoted to higher positions. They might not be so comfortable with the idea of having to shift their homes in search of better job opportunities. Women might be more willing to take more time off from work and longer breaks to deliver and/or look after their babies. These are also some of the reasons ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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