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To my unapproachable husband, Don Juan - Essay Example

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Since you have found it necessary to disappear so suddenly after our marriage, I beg you to contact me post haste with your present whereabouts. If your feelings are true, you will allay my concerns and give me your promise to be with me once more and all through eternity…
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To my unapproachable husband, Don Juan
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Extract of sample "To my unapproachable husband, Don Juan"

Download file to see previous pages Can it be that you have deceived me with false promises Looking back on our relationship, I wonder how I could be so innocent as to believe you would always be faithful. I have been told of your transgressions and as much as I want to dismiss the frivolous gossip, I cannot completely do so without your returning to me and putting the lie to these words (33). My servant Gusman has tried to ease my pain but even as he speaks he confirms your infidelity. How could I be so blind to your coldness (33, 41) Why have you left me Why can you not face me and defend yourself Let it be known that I can give you any number of excuses and can place the words on your tongue that would convince me that what I have been told is merely hearsay and not your true actions.
I will continue to pursue you and when we meet once more, I would ask you to say the words I wish to hear. I ask only that you explain yourself, that you tell me you adore me and that nothing but death can tear us apart. I need to hear you convince me that urgent business called you away, and nothing less than that would separate us. Please make it known that you will return to me as soon as you can and that you live with the thought of being with me once more. Your honeyed words brought me into our nuptial bed, but now you would seem to be without the language of love, more tongue-tied than smooth in speech (41-42).
I must tell you, t I must tell you, though it breaks my heart to say it, that my brothers are on a quest to find you and to kill you (69; Fort & Kates 47)). As heart-sore as I am at your leaving me, I do not wish to see you dead. It is my hope that Gusman can deliver this letter at least to your manservant so that you will be warned of danger.
Gusman has told me that my devotion to you might be met with poor return should I find you. He has tried to convince me to stay at home, but I have not chosen to listen. Surely, you would not wrong me in this way. Do the holy bonds of matrimony have no meaning to you-you, to whom the sacred doors of the convent were no barrier (34; Fort & Kates 47). Sganarelle, your loyal servant, has called you a scoundrel. Can that truly be
At our last meeting, you neglected to clear my mind of doubt, and it was I who invented a hundred good reasons for your sudden departure. Should you, at the very least, choose to answer this letter, you can swear your heart is unchanged and you still adore me. You can tell me how sad you are that business keeps you from returning home for some time, and if I simply return home quietly, you will follow me as soon as your affairs will allow it. If you cannot face me and say these words, at least in a letter they would soothe my pain.
The stories I have heard about your infidelity are difficult to accept, and you could so quickly put my doubts to rest. There is talk of a peasant girl, in fact more than one peasant girl, with whom you have dallied (49; Gethner, para. 9). Tell me it is not so. If you can but convince me of fidelity and love, I will erase all of the accusations I am making against you and will love you forever.
I have spoken with your father, and he assures me though you have sinned in the past, you have seen the error of your ways, and it is my strongest desire that since our marriage, you have been loyal to me.
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To My Unapproachable Husband, Don Juan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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