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92 He (Don Juan) thought about who he was in light of all creation/He thought of the marvel of a man and he thought about the stars/And wondered how they could have been created. /He thought about disasters such as earthquakes and wars/And wondered how large the moon is/Of human creations such as the hot air balloon and the many bars in the world./He then thought about the absolute knowledge of everything and/How the skies never seem to end…
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Download file to see previous pages 94 He closely examined the nature of leaves and flowers (that is nature)/And he would try to find meaning in the wind; and then/He fantasized about wood nymphs and tree spirits,/And the nature of man and woman (goddesses coming down to man)/By doing this he lost all track of time/
And then she thought of how old Don Alfonso was (fifty years!):/I wish he hadn't been so old, /Because that age isn't very appealing,/The appeal of such an age,/Doesn't work with love, despite the money she could gain.
113 It became dark and the yellow moon rose:/This moon represented the evil of their desires;/People who considered who chaste were wrong,/Of this particular label, there isn't a day,/Not even the longest day, not even the twenty-first of June,/Can contain the amount of wickedness/That only three hours of moonlit seduction-/However she appears so innocent (it is a lie)!
114 At that hour of night the silence is dangerous for morality,/The stillness allows for inner desires /To be released, without any power,/That can call someone back to control themselves;/The silver light gave the background a certain holiness,/It gives the landscape a certain beauty and softness,/This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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