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Ages 3-5 are still considered a stage wherein children do not know their strengths and weaknesses. It might be that the child is just trying to tap his or her classmate because he or she wants to play with him or her, but it turns out that that particular child, the one who tapped the other child on the shoulder, ended up pushing the other child onto the floor…
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Special Education High School Essay
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Download file to see previous pages It can be that this is the child's behavior at home whenever he or she is denied something or it could also be that this is his or her way of getting what he or she wanted. Throwing tantrums would exasperate parents, resulting to them giving in to the child's desires. These behaviors could not immediately be considered as behavioral problems per se; but it could lead to one if the child's present way of interacting with people, including children, would not be corrected. Biting is not an abnormal behavior but it is disturbing and potentially harmful which should be discouraged from the beginning (University of Michigan Health Systems 2007). Every aggressive behavior that the child displays should be understood and one way of understanding it is through knowing the child's family background. Who is living with the child and what is the situation inside the child's family. Through knowing, the teacher will be able to understand and formulate positive ways to handle the child's feelings. In a situation when the child's father is in prison and the mother herself is in a problematic state, it could be that the child lacks parental care and attention which drives him or her in a state of anger, shame, confusion or even aggression. In addressing such behavior, the teacher should not hit or bite back at the child as a way of reprimand because this only communicates to the child that violence is a fitting way to handle emotion (University of Michigan Health Systems 2007). Assessment of children going to school with behavior issues needs an in-depth look at behavior because the cause of such behavior may be neurological, psychological, emotional, family and/or social issues (Direnfeld 2007). Whatever is the cause of the child's aggression or violence, the child should not be rewarded for biting or showing aggressive or violent behavior, "not even the reward of a negative attention (University of Michigan Health Systems 2007). The teacher's approach should always be calm and educational. The teacher must also take note of the pattern of the child's aggression including the environment that the child is in and his or her emotional state. In this way, the teacher will have a clear idea on how to address and correct the child's behavior. Children, particularly toddlers, don't digest words whenever reprimanded unlike adults and adolescents; and shouting is definitely not a way of dealing with them. A calm but firm and serious tone is more effective than a loud voice that threatens the child because it still communicates negativity. Age appropriate ways of teaching children to control themselves promotes the development of confidence and self-esteem, thus, we can easily guide them towards self-control away from any aggressive or violent behaviors. Emotional control is also one dimension that the pre-school teacher should look into. Emotion can be influenced through perception. The child should perceive things in a positive way, and one way to guide that perception is to set up a classroom environment with a 'light' and happy atmosphere, wide and friendly space with lots of colors and wholesome pretty pictures on the wall. Such set-up sends a non-verbal message of security, safety, friendliness and warmth which most children are keen at The classroom, should not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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