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Euler Circle - Math Problem Example

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The aim of this assignment is to determine the validity of the next arguments by using Euler circles, and then translate the statements into logical statements using the basic connectives, and using truth tables, determine the validity of the arguements. This has been done using the concepts of simple logic & Euler circles.
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Euler Circle
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Extract of sample "Euler Circle"

Download file to see previous pages Euler digrms cnsist f simple clsed curves (usully circles) in the plne which is used t depict sets. The sizes r shpes f the curves re nt imprtnt; the significnce f the digrm is in hw they verlp. The sptil reltinships between the regins bunded by ech curve (verlp, cntinment r neither) crrespnds t set-theretic reltinships.
By using Euler diagram, we have determined the validity of the missing statements in both the given parts. We have found out the results and have compiled these results in the form of diagrams. A curve which is contained completely within another represents a subset of it.

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