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Statistical Methods in Economics and Business - Essay Example

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Study abroad programs offered by the universities are intended for students as an extension of academic learning and competence enhancement. These programs called the attention of experts and academicians saying that study abroad must be carefully assessed to ensure that this maintains its integrity as an institution that helps students achieve the learning and development intended by the programs…
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Statistical Methods in Economics and Business
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Download file to see previous pages A standard made by the institution. Now the conductors of the study have thought of using British Studies Program to see whether or not students will excel in the said aspect. Students form 10 institutions have attended to participate in the study and together with them, the faculty gets to supervise and coordinate with what are being offered by the Program. As a brief background of the British Studies Program, it offers business courses such as accounting and economics and non - business courses like the Legend of King Arthur and the Geography of Great Britain. The objective of the program regarding the study is that students are to be:
As what can be observed from the design formulated form the study, we can clearly and able to see the changes or improvements made by the subject students so we can say that it is an appropriate design. A very systematic approach to the study and almost no subjectivity involved.
At the beginning, those who conduct the study, of course, hypothesized that the program gives some significant positive effect on the students, but in conforming with technicality of using statistics to assess the subject to see any progress made, they just gave a hypothesis th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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