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Attitudinal Component of Nurses - Research Proposal Example

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The analysis is done on attitudinal component of nurses. In the article considered the study is to predict the causal model of the attitudinal component of professional nurse. The testing is about the baccalaureate nursing students by testing three carative factors embedded in Watson's Theory of Transpersonal Caring…
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Attitudinal Component of Nurses
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Extract of sample "Attitudinal Component of Nurses"

Download file to see previous pages The caring behavior along with self esteem was found to be an attitudinal component in professional nurses. These findings can be considered as baseline for understating the attitudinal component. The unexplained part of the model is about large percentage of variance in the result. (Gail Holland Wade, 2004)
The sample can be termed as large as 317 senior nursing students were considered from 20 national leaguer programs. This sample can be termed large with the number of nursing students considered from the number of programs they are selected from. The sample can be considered as large due to the number of working environments considered while selecting 317 nurses to study their attitudinal components. This brings out one of the largest environment sample. Due to the larger environments considered the nurses responses also can vary. This may be a reason for the large variance observed in the study's result. The large environment or the more number of environments considered in this study is a sample representative of the population.
The extraneous variables considered are regarding caring, attitude and perception of the instructor. These are considered as deciding variables in nursing autonomy and professional status for nurses. In deciding about autonomy and status for nurses, the caring, attitude and perception of the instructor will play a major role. The large variance in the results obtained indicates that these variables are not satisfactory. The ideals of autonomy can be used to control the extraneous features regarding caring, attitude and perception of instructor.

4. Study Instruments Tools
The study instruments and tools considered here are autonomy, clinical competency, perceptions of instructor and self esteem scale. The model of the practice, review instrument and data extraction tool can be considered as tools. The model of practice is attitudinal component of nurses. The review is regarding the professional nurse practice. There is validity for the study instruments as the relation between autonomy to the nurses and professional status is considered as a valid issue. The study supposed that this aspect will affect the clinical competency of the nurses along with the perception of instructor. The purpose of the study is to find the causal model of the attitudinal component. The investigation for the cause that results in attitudinal component gives validity to the study and the relevance to the support given to the study. The instruments used in the study can be termed as appropriate as the study is quantitative. (Alan Pearson et al, 2006)

5. Data Collection Methods
The clinical activities considered by Watson in his theory of transpersonal caring are data collections methods in this study. The factors of taking care numbered to 10 are interrelated clusters of characteristics associated with human caring. This method is capable to give a structure for studying and understanding nursing education and enables data collection regarding the attitude of the nurses. The establishment of conceptual congruency between factors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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