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A Substance Misuse Patient, Either Drug or Alcohol Use - Essay Example

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Topic: case study essay-of a substance misuse patient, either drug or alcohol use Case Study The patient in question is one who currently suffers from the effect of the excessive and misuse of an alcohol related drug, which is chlordiazepoxide. Substance misuse is increasingly becoming a common problem among most people who do not have much knowledge on the use and effect of drug misuse (Ouslander et al., 2002)…
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A Substance Misuse Patient, Either Drug or Alcohol Use
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately for the patient in question, his situation has been so bad that it has resulted into an addiction (Furniss et al., 2000). Basically, the situation deteriorated because the patient did not have access to effective counselling to win him out of the misuse of drugs when the situation was first started. This makes the patient an ideal subject for a case study because it goes a long way to outline the basic responsibilities of substance misuse nurses on drugs and alcohol that have been neglected (British Medical Association & Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 2002). It is unfortunate that most substance misuse nurses pay so much attention to treatment and cure instead of prevention. Once this happens, a lot of people whose level of understanding on drug use is low will be affected in the long run. What is even more disturbing is the fact that once the effects of substance abuse become deteriorated, it becomes difficult to reverse them. Should nurses be proactive in their duties, it would go a long way to educating the masses on the need to resist from certain drugs, the need to take drugs within prescribed quantities, the need to avoid the use of drugs that are not prescribed (Fought, Shorr, & Ray, 2010). The situation of the current patient is so bad that he is currently exhibiting greater percentage of the side effects associated with the misuse of chlordiazepoxide. For instance the patient constantly shows signs of confusion and forgetfulness (Chan, Lunn, & Donoghue, 2007). When the patient is listening to given instructions, he finds it very difficult to follow up to its logical conclusion. For this reason, it is common to see that the patient will start executing a particular command but after a short while will divert into doing something else that was not within the instruction. Once a while also, the patient reports of drowsiness and there have been times that the patient has actually collapsed as an effect of the chemical reactions that the drug undertakes in him. During some of these occasions however, the patient is able to quickly gain consciousness. Quite recently also, it has been discovered that the patient has started developing skin eruptions, yellow eyes and nausea (Keene, et al. 2007). Clinical diagnosis indicates that the patient’s situation has come to such a level because the patient actually has acute intoxication with alcohol. Medically, this condition arises as a result of excessive alcohol content in the body of the patient. This condition of acute intoxication with alcohol is not ideal for the intake of chlordiazepoxide but due to the low level of education on the part of the patient, he kept combining these two situations till it has grown this worse (Tully, et al., 2012). This again explains the neglected roles of substance misuse nurses and the need to use the present paper to review the national and local framework for medicine in the United Kingdom context and understudy the effect of these frameworks on the healthcare delivery system in United Kingdom. Overview of National and Local Frameworks for Medicine Use As a nation, the United Kingdom has strict regulations that guide the use of medicines. These regulations come in two major forms, which are national and local frameworks for medicine use. The national frameworks serve as the constitutional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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