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Men & Women viewed differently - Essay Example

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When I went to get the Hip Hop Music Video "Tip Drill" by Nelly I did not have any preconceived notions of what Hip Hop Videos would be like. I of course had some vague recollections that profanity was not very uncommon in Hip Hop Videos. I was completely unprepared for what I saw…
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Men & Women viewed differently
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Extract of sample "Men & Women viewed differently"

Download file to see previous pages You lookin' good in them shorts but they look better on the floo'1. It took me about three or four attempts to get the lyrics down, because partly it was heavy slang but part of it was, it was hard for me to believe that what was being said was actually being said. I thought to myself, well, it is a prostitute obviously to whom these lyrics are being addressed to, so perhaps there is some justification there. But in order to be fair to this project. I decided to get the country music video to view as well. I thought perhaps to be fair to the project, I should get a country music video which had a depiction of prostitute, but unfortunately I was not able to get any. I was able to get a Music Video by Shania Twain called "Any Man of mine". I must say if I was expecting a toned down conservative video where there is just singing interspersed with romance, I certainly did not get that. The music video was extremely sensual. The lyrics were most interesting. "This is what a woman wants ,Any man of mine better be proud of me Even when I'm ugly he still better love me And I can be late for a date that's fine But he better be on time Any man of mine'll say it fits just right When last year's dress is just a little too tight And anything I do or say better be okay When I have a bad hair day And if I change my mind A million times I wanna hear him say Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I like it that way"2 . I thought to myself, if more men followed this advice they would not have a problem with relationships at all. However this was a music video. The sensual depiction of Shania Twain, dancing in her famed midriff did not suggest that she was dancing for just her guy. However it was interesting the contrast the implied usage of ugly. Now in Nelly's music video, the women were fairly decent looking and Shania is also very beautiful. But in the Hip Hop video, it was Ok to be treated badly, because you were ugly, while in the Country music Video. It did not matter if you were having a bad hair day or did not look as pretty or cook as good; you were going to be treated like a princess. The difference between depiction of Woman in Country videos and Hip Hop Music videos was of a very deep nature. Now the Country music video also had a very sensual depiction of a woman. But this was a woman in control of her sensuality. There is here a woman's right to sexual self determination.3 There is no doubt in anybody watching this video that the person in this music video is somebody who is proud to be a woman and considers her sexuality an integral part of her. On the other hand, watching the Hip Hop videos, I did not get that feeling. It almost looked like that the women's appearance and existence on the video depended on what men thought of them. Even if the Women were insulted and apparently portrayed in what I would consider very demeaning. I thought I might do some research in who these women were who were in this video. It turns out most of these women in these videos are general junior artistes who are very often unpaid4. Now I would imagine if you were to be insulted and depicted so badly, you at least would want to be compensated for that. There is no question that a person watching Shania Twain's music video would have some difficulty of male responsibility and monogamy with her sensual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Men & Women Viewed Differently Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Men & Women Viewed Differently Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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