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My purpose in pursuing a graduate degree - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Realizing your abilities is one thing and comprehending and recognizing the potential in yourself is another. If one understands this potential of his, I think that person is the most successful in life.
Beginning with this word of thought that is I think the most important key to success I have learned from my life, I realized that I can do everything that I really intend to do…
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My purpose in pursuing a graduate degree
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Download file to see previous pages My very first experience in such a discourse totally discouraged me from teaching. I decided I would quit! But what made me stay was this thought that 'I am letting go a thing for which I have struggled so much! For which I had let go many opportunities'. To face challenges in life is another passion of mine. With this thought, I took it as my challenge and continued. But with the passage of time this challenge became my life!
This fervor of mine and the urge to increase my experience, led me to serve the emotionally disturbed children as well and I became a teacher of the living environment to the students who are seriously emotionally disturbed. Understanding the students' psychology is very important whether they are of any kind, normal, learning disabled or mentally disturbed. My self control has helped me a lot in this field because in order to keep things going right it used to make too much of an effort. My supervisors had believe in me that led them give me the opportunities of initiating new projects and activities of any kind that I thought would help these students. I realized I had the potential of innovating new and creative ideas. Making recognition of the potentials and abilities of mine has always helped me a lot in my life.
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