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Frankfurt School is a general term given for a group of people at the Institute of Social Research as part of the University of Frankfurt in Germany. It reflected the thoughts of a group of people at the Frankfurt School that were based on the social and cultural environments.
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Frankfurt School
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Download file to see previous pages This Public Institution began in 1923, where Marxism was the main theory as part of the Institute's proceedings. It was the first Institute of Research that followed Marxism.
This change took place so as to do away with the Christian Religion and ideologies that involved the lives of the European people and other relevant matters. The members of the Frankfurt School developed a theory that was meant to change the entire system by which people of that century were living.
The Frankfurt School was in full gear to wipe out Christianity completely not only from the lives of all students but even in the social circle and within families. Their main aim was to create a turning point in society where philosophical theory (metaphysics) did not fit into their concept and their outlook to life was a material world that depended on logical reasoning. This was an era of modernization with the synopsis of Marxism.
Max Horkheimer took charge as Director of this institute in the year 1930. Horkheimer laid stress on the connection between Social philosophy and science. This institute developed a social theory that involved different branches of learning that could serve as an implementing tool to radically reform social conditions. This theory involved a combination of sociology, psychology, cultural and political economy along with the social and philosophical theory termed as "synthesis of social and philosophical theory". It also supported women's rights, racial equality, different kinds of post-colonial criticism.

One of the series of studies that was vivid at the Institute of Social Research were the theories that involved exclusive trading privilege in the capital markets along with the advancement and functions of technology. It also involved trade between large dominant Corporate in the capital markets. In this study it also showed the deterioration of both "democracy" and "the identity of an individual". It also revealed the part played by the various cultures in the trading societies and the communication involved which gave rise to modernization in these various societies. It connected theories that were to take their place in the heart of social reformation making it last for many decades to come.
The individuals involved in such thinking belonged to different branches of learning with a high level of intelligence. This intellectual thinking enabled them to keep the fundamentals of social theory always responsive and active even during a difficult historical era. During these tough situations these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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