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Marco Polo - Essay Example

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Marco Polo (1254 - 1324), the Italian explorer who found most of Asia for the Europeans, gained reputation for his worldwide travels and is considered the greatest of the European explorers. The great explorers of the history such as Columbus, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, and Marco Polo have done important service to humanity in general and to the Europeans in particular…
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Marco Polo

Download file to see previous pages... "Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and other explorers couldn't resist the urge to trade in goods that they could not find at home, such as precious metals, spices and silks." (Jones, 100) Marco Polo has always been regarded as making a more important contribution to the Western world as he found the significant silk root to China to pioneer the explorations of the East. Apart from the contributions he made through his various explorations, Marco Polo also made a commendable input to the world of explorers through his book Il Milione, also known as Oriente Poliano. In other words, he is considered the most famous Western explorer who excelled the other voyagers with his determination, his writing, and influence over the following generations. Thus, this great explorer of the Europe travelled on the Silk Road to reach further than his predecessors, and explore the new land of China, and returned to his land to narrate the tales of his explorations that later became the greatest travelogue to humanity.
Bartolomeu Diaz (c. 1450 - 1500), the Portuguese navigator, has been remembered as the first explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope, which was considered an unattainable task. Diaz's name is written in golden letters in the history of European explorations as he was one of the great Portuguese sailors who helped find the south-eastern sea route between Western Europe and Asia. "The first European to see the stormy Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa was Bartholomew Diaz (or Dias), a courageous Portuguese sea captain and explorer. Diaz was one of the great Portuguese seamen who helped find the south-eastern water route between Western Europe and Asia." (Bartolomeu Dias (or Diaz): Portuguese Adventurer & Explorer) He was master to Vasco da Gama as well as he pioneered the later expeditions of the East through the African coast.
Vasco da Gama (1460-1524), the Portuguese explorer, discovered an ocean route from Portugal to the East and his explorations were proved significant for the later European exploration and colonization of the East. His voyage from Portugal to India eventually helped the European Imperial and colonial interests to make him a famous explorer of Europe. Starting his sail from Lisbon, Portugal, in 1497, Vasco da Gama rounded African Cape of Good Hope to reach Calicut, India, in 1498. Though he was well-received in India in the beginning, da Gama left the land in 1498, when he was asked to pay a large tax and leave all of his trading goods. "When he left, da Gama took his goods with him, together with some Indian hostages. Upon his return, da Gama was treated as a hero and was rewarded by the king." (Vasco da Gama: Explorer)
Christopher Columbus (1451 -1506) was another Italian explorer who made significant voyages across the Atlantic which resulted in the European discovery of the American continents. There is a distinct and unrivalled place for Columbus in the history of exploration and voyages. It is mainly the characteristics of his explorations and the great spirit of exploration to give a shining model to the following explorers that Columbus is mainly known. Examining the mostly southward voyages of the Portuguese into the Atlantic and Africa, Columbus realized that the sail westward would ultimately get to India and he took the different root. "The fundamental difference between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This requires the application of essential planning as a business success instrument. The recent years have seen the global entity outsource the best strategies that would enhance the accomplishment of their globalization desires. Generally, the contemporary best plans for Marco Polo are those that yield positive business development in regards to enhancement of competitive advantage, profitability, resource-based view, corporate governance, and social responsibility.
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Also, his study is unique in the sense that before Marco Polo along with his Polo brother`s explored a land which was completely alien to the Western world at that time. In addition, though a few other travelers had already made an effort to travel at far off lands, they hadn’t recorded their accounts the way Marco Polo did.
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