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Change Resistance - Essay Example

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Pst-Sviet Unin cuntries represent a unique ecnmic and scial envirnment marked by instability in the frm f bth very large falls in statistically measured utput and in very high rates f inflatin. Such cuntries as Rmania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Pland, the Slvak republic , etc create specific values and cnditins affected by ecnmic, plitical and scial changes…
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Change Resistance

Download file to see previous pages... These researchers underline that in such cuntries as Pland and Russia resistance t change is influenced by cultural traditins and unique values. Mst individuals prefer wrking life t prceed accrding t accustmed nrms. Changing the nrms brings disruptin, t say the least, and there is n guarantee that the visin f the future will find favr with thse n whm it is t be impsed. Different authrs have different views and understanding f resistance t change, its causes and management techniques. Shared values act as a kind f infrmal cntrl system that tells peple what is expected f them. In ding s, values can be mre r less pervasive in the sense f being shared by many r a few, and strng in the sense f being felt mre r less intensively (characterizing crprate cultures will be discussed again later in this chapter). Pervasive and strng values may affect perfrmance psitively by increasing dedicatin and pinting at what shuld be given extrardinary attentin. Hwever, pervasive and strng values can als have a negative effect: they may be incnsistent, may becme bslescent and/r may lead t a massive resistance t change, even if change is needed.
Burnes (2000), Carnall (1992) and Cch and French (1998) state that the prblem with any planned change in Rmania, the Czech Republic and Slvak Republic has been planned and therefre managers wh have initiated the change largely define the expected utcmes befrehand. Similar t ther Pst-Sviet Unin cuntries, in Rmania, the Czech Republic and Slvak Republic natinal values and traditins are imprtant in day-t-day business. What brings values t life, hwever, is the awareness f everyne in the rganizatin f them and why they are imprtant. Values alne are nt enugh, it is the extensive sharing f them that makes a difference. Believing that peple are a cmpany's greatest resurce and acting accrdingly means, amng ther things, t keep in mind the implicit, but pwerful, frce f values shared by the members f the rganizatin f a cmpany (which in turn shape the behavir f its individuals and grups) and t realize that managing peple is nt thrugh (r at least nt directly thrugh) mems frm budget meetings r cmputer reprts, but thrugh the subtle cues f a culture. Emplyees resists changes because they are afraid f unknwn and new circumstances.
Similar t previus researchers, Cllins (1998) and Chnk (2006) underline that the human being is capable f cmplying in terms f behavirs while withhlding cmmitment lng term. These researchers fund that EU wrkfrce represents a unique envirnment marked by lw mtivatin and lw prductivity levels. In all EU acceding cuntries, resistance t change is a natural prcess influenced by fear t lse jbs and surce f incme. When faced with such massive change and cultural resistance , a cmpany shuld ask itself if it is really necessary t change many f the fundamental rganizatinal factrs, and if the changes can be made with any real expectatin that they will be acceptable and successful. If the answer is 'n', the cmpany shuld seriusly recnsider and refrmulate its strategic plan. Hwever, the difference between suppsedly unavidable failure (e.g. Russia) and excessive cst depends, accrding t the structuralists, largely n the degree f mnplizatin f the ecnmy. As a result, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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