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The Jaguar Land Rover(JLR) was carried out from by two British car brands which was designed, manufactured and engineered in United Kingdom. JLR is a Tata Motors Limited subsidiary, which we know a major player of vehicle manufacturing in India.
Jaguar cars were founded in 1922…
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Jaguar Land Rover
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Jaguar Land Rover of School> Jaguar Land Rover: Brief Introduction The JaguarLand Rover(JLR) was carried out from by two British car brands which was designed, manufactured and engineered in United Kingdom. JLR is a Tata Motors Limited subsidiary, which we know a major player of vehicle manufacturing in India.
Jaguar's Business Distinctive Competencies
Jaguar cars were founded in 1922. The brand itself is a world's premier tag for luxury saloons and sports cars. Since 1948, Land Rover is already into manufacturing 4x4 wherein products were defined into segments based on operations. With United Kingdom having manufacturing facilities, the business employs more than 16,000 people which includes 3,500 engineers at two product development centers located in Coventry and Warwickshire. Having said that different models of Jaguars are manufactured in different areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Solihull all in United Kingdom. Being the major wealth generator for UK there were 78 percent of Land Rovers exported to 169 countries and about 70 percent of Jaguars were exported to 63 countries and through importers and franchised dealers sales are being made.
Issues, Labor Relations and Human Resource Management
Around September of this year when Jaguar Land Rover stopped the operations in one of its two West Midlands plants but still committed to keep the Merseyside plant open. This would mean job losses will only happen to West Midlands. Reason being was to save money and not to create more jobs as the management is trying to avoid any redundancies.
Hearing the news on one of the West Midlands plant closing came not a surprise to everyone as this was already anticipated several years back since opening 3 sites on current volume will really cause the Company lose some money due to below capacity operations.
One of the Land Rover's plants in Halewood said to be an efficient plant since it's operating on its full capacity and thereby saved.
However, projections for 2010 chopping of another plant is a work in progress wherein one plant is seeing to shut mid-2010, either Birmingham or Solihull. Moreso, this is one way to cut the cost dramatically. Despite the rumors of shutting plants there are new models in the pipelines that will be coming up wherein materials are lightweight such as aluminum and progress in human resource management by making the employees flexible in order to adapt fairly in changing market conditions. It is seen as instead of scattered employees, they're now will be working as one in one plant.
Despite the rapid change in cost efficiency wherein job losses everywhere, the Company is firm in investing in new platforms and seeing having another 800 jobs specially in Liverpool areas which to many is a positive sign. To safeguard jobs, the best way to do is to invest in new environmental technologies and models wherein potentials of having more cars being produced using common platform can guarantee employees of long tenure.
Human resource wise, offering a low starting salary specially in new recruits will save more money thereby will most likely retain employees but for some it might be a start of a long no ending debate. Though, Jaguar Land Rover's desire to maintain employment levels of guarantee jobs are being stressed and is now seen as the ultimate way to survive the remaining UK plants.
As of this month of November 2009, the aim to survive JLR is through securing a loan through GE Capital facility amounting to 170 million pounds as a working capital. This way, through this money, it will allow the Company to start making money through the vehicles scattered in showrooms around the globe.
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