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Business Strategy Bachelor - Essay Example

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Community Health Systems (CHS) is a large for-profit healthcare organization with its home base in South Nashville Tennessee. The organization owns 120 hospitals in 29 states with approximately 18,000 licensed beds. In about 65% of the markets that are served, they own the only hospital in town…
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Business Strategy Bachelor Essay
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"Business Strategy Bachelor"

Download file to see previous pages The leadership model is leadership with a vision. Their expectation of management is that they will make sound management decisions and leadership that sets a company standard of excellence.
A SWOT analysis is in essence a situational assessment of how a company or organization stands within the business that they do. There are three very distinct components that make it up and those are market assessment, the mission, the vision and values and the internal assessment. The SWOT itself is the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of this organization. The SWOT for CHS would look like that following:
S- CHS is a strong organization well supported by a large capital base with income from 120 hospitals and a large stockholder base. Many of the stockholders are employees and they have the opportunity for gain as well as the stockholders. The corporate leaders are highly recognized, in fact the corporate CEO, Smith, is recognized as one of the most important CEO's in the healthcare world. He has much experience and has gleaned a very loyal following in his leadership team (Watkins, 2002).
W-It is no longer a surprise when CHS elects to take over a hospital or group of hospitals. This was a major advantage when they did the hostile takeover of the Triad corporation. This puts all hospitals on the alert when they see any type of negotiations that may reflect the involvement of CHS. Another weakness that is seen as a strength within the Corporation is the need to make every department in a hospital the same in every hospital. It does provide them with consistency within the Corporation but it does not allow any creative vision from the people within these departments.
O-For a company like CHS, there are always opportunities. In this case there is the failing hospital in the medium size town that they have the cash to purchase, even though the hospital does not want to be. CHS, in their business model statement, clearly states that they concentrate on the effective integrating of acquisitions and improving hospital operations. The average number of Directors that leave a hospital that has been taken over by CHS is 6. This is definitely a weakness and shows itself in their postings for available positions. A position that is especially vulnerable is the CNO position (CHS, 2008).
T-The threats to a Corporation like CHS is the bigger Corporation. Most of their threats are external in nature. Is it possible to have a Corporate take over from another company It is not likely but it was also not likely at the time that this would happen to Triad, either. This is always a possibility when you are a publicly traded company.

This is real time trading today on the stockmarket.
The strategic objectives for CHS are to continue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Strategy Bachelor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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