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Hotel Management - Coursework Example

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Hotel Central Park provides the guests with a haven of comfort and hospitality in the heart of Northwest Delhi known as the finest commercial district in Delhi. City Park offers travelers a new level of luxury with the distinctive personalized touch and crisp efficiency…
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Hotel Management Coursework
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Extract of sample "Hotel Management"

Download file to see previous pages The hotel's plush and warm interiors decorated with traditional works of art, hand picked local artifacts and tasteful furnishings; all coupled with the excellent service from staff who cares. The hotel is a combination of luxury and comfort with ultra modern facilities. Hotel City Park offers elegantly appointed rooms & suites that have been equipped with all types of modern facilities as upto the International standards of hotels. Room offers a spectacular view of lush green gardens. Rooms are perfectly designed with vibrant colors and furniture. Here guest can enjoy a comfortable stay. These rooms are considered to be lavishly appointed and are of comparatively larger size.
Beauty Parlour, Travel Desk, Barber shop, Courier Service, Front Desk, Free Newspaper, Parking, Bar, Banquet, Restaurant, Safe Deposit Box, Conference Facilities, Business Centre, Swimming Pool, Health Club. Doctor on Call, Laundry, Valet, Travel Desk Service, Dry Cleaning, Post, Baby Sitting, Currency Exchange, Hair Dryer, Newsstand, Safety Deposit Box, Secretarial Services, Wake up service, Car Rental, Concierge, Chemist, Conference Halls.
For example: In some countries every individual requires work permit for working in any organization or sector. This work permit is like a license which tells that the person is free to work in that country. This license includes date of issue, date of expiry, issued head office, issuing officer's name etc.
The license signifies that the information provided by the individual is true and correct and his past records don't show any criminal background.
Licensing framework of our Hotel City Park:
Our hotel is doing well due to its well explained terms and policies which are followed by every individual who is dealing with the hotel. Our hotel holds proper Trade License issued by the Corporation/Municipality for running it along with an Excise License where alcoholic beverages are served. Our licensing framework is not so rigid and not so flexible. Off course there are certain specifications which can't be changed like environment and ambience of our hotel. Simultaneously we are flexible in dealing with the customers as they are the need and urge of our hotel.
The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner is responsible for administering the Liquor Licensing Act. The purpose of this Act is to regulate and control the sale, supply and consumption of liquor for the benefit of related industries and the SA public. Particular emphasis is placed on encouraging responsible attitudes towards the promotion and advertising of liquor and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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