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Conference and Exhibition - Assignment Example

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Conferences have been a major part of decision making and expressing ones feeling for a long time of period. The increasing numbers of conferences being held regularly can further define the importance of conferences. The term conference can be used to describe any meeting of people that confer about a certain topic.1 For arranging a conference a lot of hard work is required and a single person does not do it…
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Conference and Exhibition
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Extract of sample "Conference and Exhibition"

Download file to see previous pages All these people have important tasks to perform and it's not easy. A successful conference needs these people to perform their entire required tasks efficiently and effectively2. Right now there are different types of conferences being held at different places during the same time. Conferences can also help a person to better understand a problem, this is due to the fact that the speakers present in a conference are experts at the topic and have done a lot of research on it. Conferences can be of different types like for example a conference can be on a topic that is an issue to be solved a conference can also be held to bring awareness about an issue or on a topic that has been debated for a long time3. The success of conferences to solve problems or bring about a change has made them increasingly important in the right now world. The success rate is not very high but its still there which makes a conference an important part of the world today. Conferences are being held for almost everything in the world from sports to daily life problems, from politics to poverty issues, from city level problems to global problems they are everywhere that's why their importance cannot be subdued.
Another reason which highlights the importance of a conference is that differences of opinions are also handled in a conference and they are corrected if proven wrong, apart from this the perceptions of people also tend to change after attending a conference as more facts are kept in front of them which they never knew before. A conference is a combined effort of all the managers involved in arranging it, and due credit should be given to them if a conference is successful. A conference is incomplete without proper speakers, and to find them is another tough job4. Speakers are also an integral part of a conference; the better they are the better would be the conference. The interest of the speakers and their homework before a conference can have a great impact on their performance during a conference that in the end affects the overall success of a conference.
3rd Teachers Conference
In my scenario it was the 3rd time the students were organizing the teaching conference. The conference was really important for me, as I was the food and beverage manager. After a lot of thinking and analysing we decided to organize this event in a way that would be new to the delegates. We had planned to use the new cafeteria as it was recently made and never used for any such events before. The original idea was to give the delegates a new and exciting environment. Another reason was to let the people know that this place would be ideal to conduct these types of conferences and any other events in the future. Apart from all these reasons another cause of doing this conference on a new place was the arrival of the new vice chancellor. Me becoming the food and beverage manager had its reason as well. First of all i had previous experience in this field as I was working as a PA for a celebrity chef. Apart from this I felt that this job was a challenging one and would earn me essential experience in my field5. As being the food and beverage manager my first job was to get in contact with the person who had the authority over granting permission to hold the network lunch at the new cafeteria. After some major ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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