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Analysis of Solutions to Drilling Problems in Oil Extraction - Research Paper Example

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This paper addresses the drawbacks that are linked to drilling highlighting the effectiveness of underbalanced drilling and lost circulation materials as possible remedies to the problems. These include the overbalanced and underbalanced drilling processes…
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Analysis of Solutions to Drilling Problems in Oil Extraction
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Download file to see previous pages Some oil derivatives are in use in electricity generation, aviation, and heating houses. Moreover, other oil derivatives are important ingredients in the manufacture of beauty products and pharmaceutical products. With oil serving such important functions, maximizing its extraction by reducing the cost of production is essential. This will ensure that oil gives high profits and that the world has sufficient energy supply. Before it reaches the utilization stage, the oil must undergo production and drilling. There are multiple steps involved in the production. The procedure runs from producing the oil from the wells to the final stage that involves refining the oil to produce its derivatives in pure form. The extraction process involves a complex drilling process from the underground reserves. The drilling process involves drilling a hole deep enough to penetrate an oil reservoir in the underground layers. There are two types of drilling processes. One of them involves the vertical drilling procedure. The second type is the directional drilling which has proved to be a potential solution to most of the problems associated with vertical drilling. These problems include the excessive production of water alongside the oil, a case referred to as coning. According to Deskins, McDonald, and Reid (1995), the coning problem in America has undergone 33% reduction through horizontal drilling. In both types, the drilling process presents problems that reduce the viability of the procedure and minimize oil productivity. Such problems include damage formation, sticking of the drill pipe and loss of circulation of drilling mud. Most of the oil extraction companies have adopted underbalanced drilling to solve the many drilling problems that have cropped up of late. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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