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Optimizing the Water Injection System in the Offshore Drilling Wells - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal Title: Optimizing the Water Injection System in the Offshore Drilling Wells Background statement When extracting oil from offshore wells, there pressure in the wells reduces as more (fluids petroleum) is extracted from the well. Thus, need to inject water in the well to maintain the high pressure within the well…
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Optimizing the Water Injection System in the Offshore Drilling Wells
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Download file to see previous pages As noted by Krupnick et al surface as well as subsurface situations and conditions of the discovery made have significant effect on the extraction work, related expenses and determine the success or failure of the whole project. Technical success maybe achieved but the project may fail economically. First hand experience has shown that the most technical success is easy to achieve, but economic success is much difficulty. According to Spellman, and Whiting the process of analyzing the best way to optimize extraction of recoverable reserves starts by formulation of a development plan (266). This development plan takes into consideration all existing geologic as well as engineering data and information to come up with initial ways of optimizing water injection systems Research aims The following research will have two aims: 1. What are the contaminants in sea water? 2. What are the main methods used in optimizing water for injection in the offshore wells? Research design methodology (data collection methods and analysis of data) Research Design This research will be carried out using secondary research also qualitative research. The methods used to get information will be collection, analysis and evaluation of past studies rather than primary research, as noted by Mason secondary research can obtain its data from internal or external sources (26). The current online libraries provide a source where extensive research can be carried out on this topic and latest information obtained. Methodology The research will be conducted using secondary sources, whereby it will be based on past studies that were done on the same topic in order to answer the formulated research question. The topic under discussion requires extensive resources for a researcher to carry out a primary research, this is because it would involve visiting a number of offshore wells, carrying out interviews and formulating questionnaires. Though there are some limitations towards this methods, like the researcher has to depend on views of other researchers, its main benefits is that it avails a big database of information to the research, and he can select relevant and substantial material to use in the research (Robson 78). For the sake of keeping the data to managerial size, it was thought that the research should concentrate basically on the methods used to optimize water injection in the offshore wells. Methods of Data Collection Since our study will be based on secondary research, data collection will entail getting information results from the previously done studies and analyzing the information. Though the results from the previous studies may be not 100% accurate meaning that this will affect our final outcome, still, this will be reliable data. It should be noted that methods of optimizing injection of water in offshore wells requires extensive resources and technology used do not change quickly. Data Collection procedures and Data Analysis To evaluate and review the data collected from the study seeking to answer the research question, the study will use known database application like Microsoft Excel to compile table and other data to compilation. This data will be used to statistically determine if the studies relevance of data collected fr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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