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Tourist Information: Local Special Events - Research Paper Example

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The essay “Tourist Information: Local Special Events” is about three local events that take place annually in Nottingham. Author’s project was about a survey of three special events in Nottingham. How they are done and how long they take place…
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Tourist Information: Local Special Events
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Extract of sample "Tourist Information: Local Special Events"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the people I interviewed the “Trent to Trenches” responded positively. I randomly interviewed six people on why they attended the event. Two of them responded that it was an impromptu visit and they had no solid reasons why four were specific they wanted to see the landscape of war on those times (Rogerson, 2005 pg 21).
 Then when if the pictures of war they saw made them reflect on those time when havoc had wrecked the country. Six of them responded that they only heard about the war only on history books but now they had a reality of commemorating what happened and have a distant feeling.
 Black history month was the third event. It is celebrated annually in the month of October 1st to 31st. On the first date of October, most of the black musician of African descend are remembered. (East Nottingham Trustees, 2006. Pg 16.
 In doing the project, I came to like some of the aspects that constituted it while some of them I detested in doing them. I delighted in attending “Trent to Trenches” in person. The knowledge I received was more lively and justifying than just reading from literature and getting second-hand information from other people. The dislike was birthed by attending the “Trent to Trenches” too. Attending whetted the desire to attend the remaining two special events and have a firsthand information.
 There was some sort of apprehension and surprises that came with doing the project. Attending one of the special events for studying purposes came with surprises since I’m used to touring for excursion purposes. The end results that are in this report are justifying and of pleasure that the apprehension that was there initially was unwarranted. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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