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Religion and Society - Essay Example

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The notion that the belief in religion and a conviction that is based solely on the principles of science, the scientific method as well as deductive and inductive reasoning are mutually exclusive is one that has prevailed throughout the course of history…
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Religion and Society

Download file to see previous pages... There are many individuals who feel that in order to embrace the principles of science and its fundamental ability to offer great insights into life one has to abandon faith as well as its implications which come in the form of religious indoctrination. Many individuals such as the author and prominent zoologist, Richard Dawkins, Madalyn Murray O’Hare, a woman who considered her most prominent accomplishment to be the fact that she has become known to many as an atheist, Victor J. Stenger, a particle physicist and Isaac Asimov embody the belief that the only proof of the existence of a phenomena or an entity is that can be ascertained through empirical means. Conversely, there are individual psychologists who view the role of religion as a vital one in the lives of many individuals and explain how religion can be utilized as a guiding force in the decision-making processes. These individuals include William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Gordon Allport, Abraham Maslow, Alfred Adler and Erik Erikson. An investigation of these individuals as well as the self-proclaimed atheists will prove to be quite beneficial in arriving at the underlying determinants of one’s religious beliefs and practices. ...
The only instrumentation for this study is an interview protocol which was devised and modeled after the interviews conducted between Richard Dawkins and Sheena McDonald, an interview of Madalyn Murray O'Hair by The Freedom Writer and an interview of Isaac Asimov which discussed the correlation between science and the Bible. These interviews were utilized as a basis for the creation for this instrument.

Through a guided case-study, I will examine my religious beliefs and frame them within a psychological framework. In so doing, the self-created tool will establish an indelible link between my religious beliefs and the pertinent psychological theories/concepts. The primary method of attaining this information will be through the utility of open-ended questions followed by a clarification when needed.

Methodological Assumptions
The only methodological assumption utilized for this case study was the notion that such a study would yield accurate results with regards to the underlying psychological determinants of religious beliefs and practices. It is felt that much of religion serves as a means of quelling irrational concerns with regards to questions that will remain unanswered as no clear scientific explanations can be offered in support of or in refutation of the origins of man as individuals who are capable of deciding whether we should operate solely based on faith or whether we should always resort to science for our explanation of phenomenon which, on the surface, seem unexplainable.
The limitations of the survey methodology are (1) The study is very subjective as it is a case study based on one's own religious convictions, and (2) The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Religion and Society
Consequently, faith in the Supernatural has been an essential part of every society and culture at large. However, people have always been divided in groups, sects and factions in respect of adopting beliefs; consequently, different societies have faith in different religions, which not only has given birth to spiritual diversity, but has also invited enmity and antagonism between the cultures and civilizations.
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Religion in Society
Sociology is by definition, the study of the relation of society in relation to the history of society. However, the sociology of religion does not base itself upon the results of quantitative methods of qualitative approaches to information gathering. Rather, it is the study of the beliefs, practices, and organizations related to the development and growth of religion from its cult beginnings, sectarian immersion into society, then finally its acceptance as an organized religion by a majority of society.
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Religion in Society
When a person tries to gain an understanding of the people who comprise the membership of a cult or religion, one may not normally associate them with the need of man for social acceptance. However, that is one of the main platforms of religion. The social acceptance of a group of people who think, act, or believe in the same things.
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Religion and Society
Religion has been and continues to be an integral part in the society as it has played a crucial role in instilling morals that are to be followed by members of the community. There are various arguments on the role of religion in society with others arguing that it inhibits change while others holding to it that it plays an integral role in changing the society.
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Does Religion Stabilize Society
We should recognize that religion plays a very important role in the life of all the people, even in the life of those who are not religious (Bruce, 1996). This fact proves that our society really can’t do without religion. Religious beliefs appear to be very useful for the society and many people agree that no society can exist without religion.
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Religion and Society
The religious dimension of any nation is crucial to the development of the country. Particularly in situations where men and women are to be considered to share equal amenities, from Protestants to Evangelism, every religion has left a doubt on women’s image, which has misguided the society to some extent.
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Religion and Society
In Middle East three religious processes have grown together. Two things are seen in Middle East:1.Growth of fundamentalism that has received worldwide attention both by the international establishments and journalists. 2. Bureaucratization of religion and the state co-optation of religion
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Religion in Society
The religious leaders are also using the politicians. This is by using the religious beliefs that will call for the commitment of political leaders in religious practices. This makes the
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Religion and Society
The theory looks at the origins of Capitalism as being from the Calvinist Christian religion that was popular in Europe at the time that capitalism emerged (Johnstone, 2007). Weber identified various elements in capitalism that were based on Christian and
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Religion in culture and society
Notable historical human conflicts can be attributed to religious or cultural intolerance of one group towards the other in the ancient human era. However, the high level
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