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Importance of Religious Values - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Importance of Religious Values" talks about the role of religious mythology, which allegorically conveys important truths to its adherents and rituals that bring people together with supernatural entities, about the importance of emotional experience gained through repentance, etc. …
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Importance of Religious Values
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Extract of sample "Importance of Religious Values"

Download file to see previous pages As McClay (2012) has pointed out that religion is anchored on beliefs, I strongly believe in the existence of a Supreme Deity guiding various religious communities, despite the fact that no person has ever seen or spoken directly with Him. I believe in the religious concept that there is a supernatural entity that dictates the human destiny of any religious community.   
Although most of the religious communities are composed of people with divergent opinions and levels of belief in the existence of their Supreme Deity, I strongly believe that by practicing the same religion, people share more things in common than what separates them. Whether a religious community is composed of neighbors who worship in different ways or members of a smaller group of people neighboring one another in the pursuit of common religious goals such as monastery, I believe that members of a religious community must mingle with individuals with different philosophies and appreciate their religious inclinations as a yardstick for measuring righteousness (Drape, & Nichols, 2013).
I believe in religious mythologies because they tend to offer answers to important questions whose solutions may not be readily available. Mythologies usually provide reasons behind various religion values and activities such as marriage rituals, morality, spirituality, and human experience. Despite the fact that mere myths often have little if any weight, Vickers (2012) argued that mythologies grounded on religious values help to elaborate the scriptures and emphasize their importance. From the mythical story of David versus Goliath, for instance, as a Christian, I believe that God can give extraordinary strength to individuals who are deemed as too weak to confront major challenges in life. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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