Determinants of Health Affecting the WellBeing of College Students - Essay Example

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The World Health Organization(WHO) defined health in1948 as follows : Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. On the other hand,the determinants of health are the factors that influence health in a population…
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Determinants of Health Affecting the WellBeing of College Students
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Determinants of Health Affecting the Well-Being of College Health and its determinants The World Health Organization(WHO) defined health in1948 as follows : Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. On the other hand,the determinants of health are the factors that influence health in a population. Health Canada has identified 12 determinants of health. They are income and social status, employment, education, social environments, physical environments, healthy child development, personal health practices and coping skills, health services, social support networks, biological and genetic endowment, gender and culture.

Personally, I feel the determinant that affects my health the most, as a college student is personal health practices and lifestyle.The lifestyle one leads and the healthy personal habits one make affects a person's overall health the most.I have noticed, that the months during which I lead an early to bed, early to rise lifestyle, I feel much fit and rejuvenated for the whole day. While partying late and late mornings do give me a heavy head that is reluctant to work and even I don't feel fine , physically. The kind of diet I am into , is also directly proportional to how I feel. Working out daily for one hour , early in the morning freshens me up.

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in November,1986 was the first International Conference
On Health Promotion. This conference was mostly a response to the increasing expectations for a
new public health movement around the whole world..
Health Promotion
According to WHO,"Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over,
and to improve, their health. "-To reach a state of sound health i.e complete physical, mental and
social well-being, an individual or group ,one must be able to identify and to realize aspirations,
to satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment.
Prerequisites for Health
The fundamental prerequisites for health are:
a stable eco-system,
sustainable resources,
social justice, and equity.

Action areas of the Ottawa Charter
Five action areas for health promotion were identified, these are:
1. Developing personal skills through educating and informing the public

2. Strengthening community action - community development draws on existing material
and human resources to enhance self-help and social support. This also includes funding support.

Using the strategy of strengthening community action, two agencies which could form a
partnership for Health Promotion could be a leading daily Like the Edmonton Sun or
Edmonton Herald teaming up with say , WHO and publishing useful articles on health and
well being, on smoking, substance abuse, exercise and proper diet , to name a few.
Considering the power of a newspaper in generating awareness, we should use the medium
of newspaper and make citizens aware of good health secrets and its importance.
3. Creating supportive environments - the protection of the built and natural
environments and the conservation of natural resources should be a part of any health
promotion strategy. Work, leisure and environment should be a source of health for public..
4. Building healthy public policy -. Health promotion policy requires the identification of
obstacles to the building of healthy public policies in non-health sectors and creation of
ways to remove them.
5. Re-orientating health care services toward prevention of illness and promotion of
health - the role of the health sector must move beyond its responsibility for providing clinical
and curative services. Stronger attention to be given to health research, as well as changes in
professional education and training.

Also, three basic strategies for health promotion are to:

Advocate : Health promotion makes educational conditions favourable through advocacy through advocacy for health
Enable:.To encourage a changes towards a positive lifestyle .
Mediate: To try to mediate between two parties with opposing interests to come to a negotiation for Health Promotion.

Journal of Community Health Nursing 2002 Vol 19.
WHO, Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion ,retrieved March,2008 from
Retrieved March,2008 Read More
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