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From an ecological perspective, what are the main factors that impinge upon child wellbeing and how may it best be safeguarded - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Ecological Systems Theory Approach: An Examination and Discussion with Relation to Child Welfare and Safety Introduction: One of the core realities that is been understood within recent years is the fact that the ecological theory of child development and welfare has a profound impact with regards to life experience, levels of association, development, and/or potential harm…
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From an ecological perspective, what are the main factors that impinge upon child wellbeing and how may it best be safeguarded
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From an ecological perspective, what are the main factors that impinge upon child wellbeing and how may it best be safeguarded

Download file to see previous pages... As such, the ecological perspective can be broken down into the following five categories: the microsystem, the mesosystem, the exosystem, the macro system, and the chronosystem. By understanding each of these different levels and the means through which they impact upon the development and contributing factors of well-being, this particular analysis will focus specifically with regards to the impact that ecological perspective theory has with regards to child development and the mechanisms through which the main factors that impinge upon child well-being can be safeguarded. Although it is of course impossible to promote an approach that factors in all imaginable compliments and contingencies, this particular analysis will focus specifically upon promoting child welfare and safeguarding interests at each and every level of the ecological systems theory approach (Neal & Neal, 2013). Even though it is understood by this author that one theory in and of itself cannot and should not be interpreted as the answer for safeguarding child well-being and interests, it is the further belief of this author that the ecological systems perspective is one of the single most effective theories that can be utilized to affect this end. Firstly, before delving into the five determinants of ecological systems theory, it is necessary to understand that development within the realm of human ecology is predicated upon the environmental systems in which an individual interacts. Within this particular framework, it is readily understood that the interaction and community that a particular system entails is the strongest determinant in helping to understand the way in which psychological responses, behavior, and development are ultimately formed. Naturally, such a focus upon society and the level and extent to which individual groups and communities impact upon the development of an individual is one of the primary sociological constraints which helps to identify the way in which groups, both large and small, impact upon the personality development of an individual; regardless of age (Andrade et al., 2012). Yet, rather than being a description and analysis of the manner in which ecological systems theory impacts upon an individual, the primary focus that will be analyzed and discussed will be with respect to the safeguard that can be implemented with respect to promoting the welfare and safety of a developing individual/child within such a constraint. As can of course be relevantly noted, the focus of the entire theory, as well as the focus of this brief piece, will be concentric upon discussing and analyzing the external dynamics that impact upon personal growth and behavior; as opposed to a more psychological interpretation of the internal and behavioral compliments of development. Furthermore, as a means of visualizing the discussion which will take place below, figure 1.0 helps to delineate the relationship and interrelationship that each of these systems share with respect to the individual. Figure 1.0 As can be denoted, the individual lies at the heart of the different systems that are connected to the ecological systems theoretical perspective. Most directly connected to the individual is the microsystem. As such, this microsystem involves such definitive groups as family, school, health services, church, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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