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It has been a great concern of ours that President Johnson continues to defy the laws of our land and the Constitution. His illegal, immoral acts have undermined the very principles - and purpose - of "rehabilitating" the South.
Moreover, President Johnson has also denied the Negro his and her rightful properties…
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Andrew Johnsons Impeachment
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A Call for Andrew Johnson's Impeachment To my fellow, esteemed Congressmen, It has been a great concern of ours that President Johnson continues to defy the laws of our land and the Constitution. His illegal, immoral acts have undermined the very principles - and purpose - of "rehabilitating" the South.
He seems to forget that the South waged war on the Union, without justifiable cause, but in his mind, he appeases these unruly rebels like young babes eating from their mother's hand.
Moreover, President Johnson has also denied the Negro his and her rightful properties. Under General Sherman's Special Field Orders No. 15, each Negro family (who lived on the coast of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina) was to receive 40 acres and a mule to support themselves, however the President, without a shred of Christian decency, unjustly withheld the properties from them.
His war against the Negro doesn't end there. In an act of pure bigotry, he has allowed a Southern radical group, named the Ku Klux Klan, to rape, beat, and lynch Negro men and women. Also, he has vetoed every single bill regarding civil rights for these disadvantaged people, whose only crime is he wear dark skin.
For the white rebels, they are treated like kings! The President has pardoned many of the top Confederate officers and generals, allow former Confederate soldiers to vote without fully pledging allegiance to the Union, and other senseless acts.
Now to top it off, the President blatantly and willfully broke the Tenure of Office Law, which requires all the President's cabinet members to be approved by a majority vote of Congress before they serve.
My fellow Congressman, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back! I urge you to stand with me to impeach President Johnson, before he hand over the keys to the Union to those unremorseful, troublemaking rebels!
Stand with me now, my peace loving Congressmen, and let us put the Union on the right track!

Works Cited Page 27 Apr. 2009. Andrew Johnson.
28 Apr. 2009. Read More
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