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The Moral High Ground of Wars in American History - Essay Example

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Although the United States is protected by oceans on its east and west sides and its policies are based on the non-interference principles, its many wars including its own Civil War were based on the high moral grounds of ensuring equality, human rights, freedom and the spreading of democracy among other reasons…
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The Moral High Ground of Wars in American History
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Extract of sample "The Moral High Ground of Wars in American History"

Download file to see previous pages The moral grounds for the Spanish American war were the support the American people had for the people and rebels in Cuba against the Spanish rule. The ideals behind the intervention of the United States in World War I were to ensure that the world would be safer for freedom and democracy to prosper. Similarly the United States had to intervene in World War II because of the aggressive expansionist policies and the atrocities of Germany. The Korean War was waged to counter the communist influence of China and Russia, however, this was eventually split Korea in the two states. The Vietnam War involved the United States as its forces had continued staying in Vietnam to replace the French forces after World War II as America perceived itself as the protector of democracy and freedom. Thereafter the Kuwait war was for the liberation of this tiny state from Iraq and finally the present war in Iraq was to free the people there from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. The other continuous war that the United States is involved in is against terrorism which had become a threat to world peace. (Americas Wars & The Politics of American Wars, How fascists became the "victims" in the current war, National Review Online)
The General Situation in Southeast Asia and its Influence on the World
In the last few decades, China has internationally become a very strong economic and military powerhouse and strongly influences the diplomatic activities the world over. China is thus a source of challenge to the United States and a threat to specifically to the Taiwan, which it claims as being a part of mainland China. Its relations in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and specifically in African has boosted its industrial capacities and it currently is amongst the largest importers of steel, oil and other raw materials from the third world countries. Besides the advances China has made in the fields of advanced technology including space technology, China has become a fierce competitor for all products in the world market because of the edge it has in cheap manpower.
On the other hand, the pariah and unpredictable state of North Korea threatens to be a source for causing further instability to the security of its neighbors because of its recently developed nuclear capabilities. (Larry M. Wortzel, Ph.D., 2006, Risks and Opportunities of a Rising China)
Furthermore in South Asia with the development of nuclear technology and an arsenal of nuclear weapons the Southeast Asia neighbors of Pakistan and India continue to be a source of worry for the world community as they could be a flashpoint for a nuclear war that could eventually engulf all their neighbors and lead to consequences that might even lead to World War III.
Following the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan authorities had to decisively align themselves with the United States against the war with terrorist forces by providing strategic and logistic support and prior to the invasion of Afghanistan by Russia and the consequent war, which eventually forced the Russians to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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