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Capitalism and Marxism - Essay Example

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Few of us can cease to proclaim the effect that has crept to the world in view of what has been happening. Capitalism in the world has been a classical explanation of what Marxism tried to postulate. It shows the inherent nature in which capitalism has been rooting itself in the world and the resulting effects…
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Capitalism and Marxism
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Extract of sample "Capitalism and Marxism"

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In view of the Marxist globalization has been seen as an expansion or development of capitalism in the world. Like other traditional works that were seen to fit in a loose framework of anti-globalization, Marxism may not be described as a single movement nor can it be described as following a unitary intellectual practice from a theoretical perspective. In this case we should understand that Marxism as whole has been engaging with contemporary phenomena in a way that the manner and the mindsets that it has been postulating in the past has been evidence in class, political economy, labor, capitalism and in many other socialism concepts and revolution described as the central axis of globalization. (Ollman 1998, p.87)
With the end of communism in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, and the consequent embrace of the capitalism like in the Peoples Republic of China, has been expressed as the end of the Marxism's period. Regardless of the fact that the world has embraced the capitalism economies, Marxism still present a poignant and painful way of accounting for globalization. This has been witnessed in what is happening in the aftermath of the wave that took the world from 1990s. Marxism has been expressed in many areas like the free-markets, oppressed and exploited labor, modernization, and many other reforms that have been carried out in the political, social and economic systems of the world.
Globalization has been described as increased interaction of the world or the opening up the world. In the last few decades there has been increased movement of people and goods. There has been emergence of new market. Therefore globalization has been a tendency to create a unipolar world though it has been expressed mostly in economic terms. It is increased integration of the political, social and economic factors. (Beams, 19980
Marxism and globalization in view of capitalism
Capitalism which was so much argued about by Marxism has been one of the most important pivots that have led to the wave of globalization. There have been increased movements of capital across borders leading to immense change in the way we do things and the way we produce things. Globalization therefore can be seen as a cosmopolitan character which signifies production and consumption in all countries. Globalization places the local and the national conditions in terms of self sufficiency and the creation of the universal system of interdependences. As capitalism takes over the world under the nose of globalization, it has led to smash the border of feudalism and mercantilism. Capitalism is therefore ever moving and ever-changing. It forces human being to change their reality and their own role in the world. (Fredrick 1975, p. 4)
According to Marxism socialist revolution was described to occur out of development of the product forces which run into conflict with the social relations of capital. In this case Marx explains the negative effect that can be brought about by the forces of capitalism. Marx tried to show the creative-destructive forces of capitalism which is very well tied together with reason of economic advancement of the world. Therefore Marxism expressed that these creative destructive forces goes beyond history of establishment of the socialism society.
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