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Contracts & Procurement - Essay Example

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Whitegates hotel and country club development is a proposal put forward by Heriot developments. This property is to come up on the existing 35 acre land on the periphery of the town. Bad governance by the Watt family (who owned this property), brought about their down fall…
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Contracts & Procurement
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Extract of sample "Contracts & Procurement"

Download file to see previous pages This hotel will have the main reception, lounge bar, restaurant and function/conference facilities.
Apart from this, there is a proposal to construct two extension buildings. One of these will be utilised to accommodate 100 bedrooms and associated facilities, while the second one will be used to house a country club consisting of a swimming pool, sports hall and gym with associated facilities such as reception, changing areas, bar and a bistro restaurant. A part of the remaining land will be used to build a golf course. The existing Whitegates Lodge will be converted to a clubhouse.
development is complete. With their expertise and market experience, the directors are sure to attract more clientele, increasing revenue considerably. However, they are grounded by the fact that they do not have the necessary skills to successfully manage the design and construction of their proposed project. They have limited awareness of the various reviews of the problems of the construction industry, and the resulting recommendations to solve them.
They seek the professional guidance of Richard Arton Associates, a famous project management consultancy in that locality. The consortium is aware that they must keep in mind the consequence of such a project within the local area and are keen to use the development stage to create a positive image within it. A prestigious, high quality development, the directors are prepared to meet the financial costs to see this project take-off. However, they don't the cost to escalate and lead to operational complications later on as has happened on many high profile projects, but would like the project to be completed early so that their venture can begin to generate income from the facility.
2.0 Introduction
There are many factors that can help implement a project successfully. Of these, we can broadly base the most important categories under:
1. Project-related factors
2. Project procedures
3. Project management actions
4. Human-related factors
5. External environment
Heriot developments are in the process of launching their prestigious hotel and club project. They have acquired a prime property which was earlier owned by the Watt family. The 35 acre property came along with two buildings that could be used to begin the consortium's business launch. This is a major boost to the consortium's plan to set up a hotel and club there. The fact that the Watt property provided ample space to innovate and was located on the peripheral of the town gave Heriot developers unrestricted access to movement of machinery and labour. There would be no sort of obstruction of city life, which could have been a thorn in their flesh. On the whole, the property that the partners bought from the Watt's is definitely worthwhile.
The recommendations of the directors of Heriot, who are all by profession, experienced caterers and other wings of the hospitality industry, to start a hotel and club is most feasible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contracts & Procurement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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