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Understanding of the Internets core elements & workings - Essay Example

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A computer network consists of communications media, devices and software needed to connect two or more computer systems or devices. Once connected computers can share data, information and processing jobs. …
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Understanding of the Internets core elements & workings
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Extract of sample "Understanding of the Internets core elements & workings"

Linda Bush 92026725 of Computer Literacy CSC101 Research Project #:0024A143 Introduction A computer network consists of communications media, devices and software needed to connect two or more computer systems or devices. Once connected computers can share data, information and processing jobs. In client/server architecture, the application and database reside on one host computer, the file server and each server is accessible by all computers on the network. A server distributes programs and data files to other computers on the network as they request them.
Components on Web Server
Processor: Pentium or RISC-based preferred, 486 for small networks
Display: VGA
Hard Disk Space: About 90MB plus storage space for a single user and
Memory: At least 16MB.

IIS (Internet Information Server) Microsoft
Server software
Components on Client Server
Processor: 486 or greater.
Display: VGA
Hard Disk Space: About 50MB plus storage space for a single user and
Memory: At least 8MB.
Client Software
The computers communicate with each other through routers. The message is sent through the router to the forwarding computer. The forwarding host, which presumably is attached to at least one other network, in turn delivers the message directly to another forwarding host. The Internet transmits data from host to client server, and if it finds the receiving computer on a network to which the first computer is directly connected, it sends the message directly. If the receiving computer is not on the same network as the sending computer, the sending computer relays the message to another computer that can forward it. The same way the computers communicate through the network to access Internet.
Network that link systems worldwide to access the Internet pass data in form of chunks called Packets, each of which carries the address of its sender and its receiver. The set of conventions used to pass packets from one host to another is known as Internet Protocol (IP). In order to access the Internet one must have an account with the service provider and software that allows a direct link via TCP/IP. LAN/WAN servers are used for communication.
In order to access the World Wide Web three ways are used to connect to the Internet:
Connect via LAN Server
Installation of network adapter card and ODI
Connect via SLIP/PPP
Modem + TCP/IP Protocol Software + SLIP or PPP
Connect via an online service
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Difference between Internet and World Wide Web (WWW)
Internet is a connection of interconnected networks, which are capable of freely exchanging information while WWW is an Internet service-comprising tens of thousands of independently owned computers that work together as one. These computers are called web servers scattered all over the world and contain every type of data. Internet circuits connect WWW with each other.
"It is hard to over estimate the impact the Internet has had on today's organizations and our daily lives. Being the world's largest computer network it is used by approximately 60 million people." (Stair M. Ralph, 2001, p. 141) Unlike a corporate network with a centralized infrastructure, the Internet is nothing more than an ad hoc linkage of many networks that adhere to basic standards.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Any company that provides individuals and organizations with access to the Internet.
LAN (local area network)
A network that connects computer systems and devices within the same geographic area.
PPP (Point to point Internet protocol)
A communications protocol that transmits packets over telephone lines.
In LANs routers are used to transfer data packets from a particular station to a remote station. LANs connected by routers do not have to operate on the same speed.
SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)
A communications protocol that transmits packets over telephone lines.
A computer program that governs operations of the computer
WAN (Wide area network)
A network that ties together large geographic regions using microwave and satellite transmission or telephone lines.
Work Cited
Chelis James, 1999. MCSE Networking Essential p. 241
Comer, 2001. Computer Networks and Internets p. 8-10
Stair M. Ralph, 2001. Fundamentals of Information Systems p. 141 Read More
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