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Effective communication is the most essential element of successful partnership working - Essay Example

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Effective Communication is the Most Essential Element of Successful Partnership Working Name University Date Table of Contents Introduction 3 Partnership Working and its Importance 4 Policies and Practices of Effective Partnership Working 5 Characteristics of Effective Partnership Working 7 Managing Risk and Partnership Working in Practice: A Case Study 11 Professional Boundaries in Partnership Working 12 The Process to Change Impact on Partnership Working Across Boundaries 13 Power and Leadership within Partnership Working 14 Teamwork and Group Work 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Bibliography 20 Introduction The perception of partnership working is fundamentally regarded as an overreaching p…
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Effective communication is the most essential element of successful partnership working
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Extract of sample "Effective communication is the most essential element of successful partnership working"

Download file to see previous pages An effective communication process in the partnership program enables to obtain significant benefits to accomplish overall objectives, and it also provides efficient support to sustain effective understanding among the partners (Fitzgerald & Kay, 2008). The concept of partnership programme is usually formed between different individuals or agencies with shared interest. With this particular concern, it has been observed that the partners within the context of partnership working need to be much cooperative as well as better communicators for the motive of accomplishing a co-ordinated service (Thanet District Council, 2008). The paper intends to briefly discuss the notion of partnership working and its significant aspects including policy as well as practice implication, required skills and quality concerning partnership working. ...
Partnership Working and its Importance Partnership working is considerably recognised as one of the effective approaches that involve adequate communication and coordination between the individuals or groups to achieve shared objectives. An effective partnership can be recognised more beneficial for an organisation in terms of achieving competitive position through efficiently addressing the challenges that are generated within the business process. A successful partnership approach involves various elements that are significantly relevant to achieve interests of each individuals or groups. In an organisation viewpoint, adequate process of communication, coordination as well as cooperation is the major elements of an effective partnership programme. In order to identify the major elements of partnership programme, an effective form of communication among the partners is also essential, which facilitates the construction of a favourable relation between the partners. Moreover, an effective form of communication can also reduce possible risks which can hinder the overall performance of the programme (Branfield & Beresford, 2006). Importance of Partnership Working The significance of partnership working has been experienced by different individuals, agencies, groups or organisations by a significant degree (Department of Health, 2008c). An effective partnership working generally involves the deliverance of co-ordinated packages that ensures to improve the practices of each individual within the business or operational process. It also facilitates the groups or organisations to effectively handle the issues which impose adverse impact upon the process. An effective partnership working amid the agencies or organisations can also provide beneficial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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