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In this paper “Policing Partnership in UK” an understanding of the realities behind the collaboration of agencies shall be better explained and examined in connection with their connected success in possibly implying peace, security and assurance from becoming victims of possible crimes in the country.
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Policing Partnership in UK
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5. Legislations that Underpin Inter-Agency and Multi-Agency Partnership Organizations
6. Issues and Conflicts of Policing Partnerships:
How the Police Officers Apply and Limit Authority
7. Conclusion
1. Introduction
The prevention of crime and the detection and punishment of offenders, the protection of life and property and the preservation of public tranquillity are the direct responsibilities of ordinary citizens ... It is destructive both of the police and public social health to attempt to pass over to the police the obligations and duties associated with the prevention of crime and the preservation of public tranquillity. These are the obligations and duties of the public, aided by the police and not the police occasionally aided by some public spirited officer.
- J Avery, Police: Force or Service, Butterworth, Sydney, 1981, p. 3.
With the increased level of concentration on human security and peace keeping heightened by the call of the United Nations towards the countries that are enjoined with their movement towards global peace, the role of the national police authorities around the world also equally evolves. The changes on their responsibilities and the additional challenges on their duties have been established to make the residents of the community around the world feel safer and much convinced that they are indeed living in a well protected area.1 However, with the heightened threat to peace and security, keeping up the hopes of the people that they are indeed supported and protected by the police authorities is not that easy to establish and exactly complete as part of the policing responsibilities that the authorities in the said field need to keep. The continuing pressure on the police...
Policing partnerships began to attract the attention of the law enforcers around the world during the early 1980’s. It could be observed that at the onset of the application of this particular approach to community protection and safety, the realization of the role of the police administration to protect the communities they are appointed to oversee has been re-established as a collaborative picture of different agencies working together as one unit that protects the welfare of the majority. As the level of crime and aggression among the diversified population of human society increased in rate as the 19th towards the 20th century came in, the level of concentration on preventing and catching law offenders has become a huge concern of attention for every government. UK, holding at least 45% of its population rendered to the immigrants, is considered a well diversified community that calls for serious concern for social security. With diversity present in a particular community, the more conflicting events could be expected, the more crime offences could be recorded[1]. This is the particular fact that leads to the pursuance of Policing Partnership collaboration ideas in UK. It has been well established that theoretical basis of the matter has been applied as guidelines towards the making of laws that are designed towards creating a more susceptible partnership between police agents and other staff workers from other departments of the government as well as other organizations present in the society.  Policing partnerships take three different forms that include the statutory, non-statutory and the community organizations. In this regard, the DH which is considered in this study stands as a primary example of policing partner in the statutory form, meaning it is an agency provisioned by the government. [1] R. Hunt, Strategic Management in Policing, in Etter and Palmer, op. cit.; A Normandeau and B Leighton, A Vision of the Future of Policing in UK, Solicitor General London, 1990. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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