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The essential factors in the achievement of organizational goals - Essay Example

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Managing an organization is a tedious task. The primary role of human resource manager which is "getting things done through people" is more done just delegating job assignments and supervision. As the most valuable assets of any business organization, managers or leaders should handle its pool of human resource efficiently by gaining an ample understanding of the human behavior-both of oneself and others…
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The essential factors in the achievement of organizational goals
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Extract of sample "The essential factors in the achievement of organizational goals"

Download file to see previous pages It's My Bike recounted the experience of Debbie Martin as the new Supplier Quality Manager for the commercial product division of Cold Air Corporation. In this new position, Debbie encountered problems in the organization where a $250 bike is primarily involved. The bike was purchased by her predecessor and was currently utilized by her subordinate, Ronnie in order to inspect the incoming inputs in the plant's production line. As the company changed the supplier for one of its components, Ronnie's inspection became more frequent which consequently led to more frequent use of the bike. However, Cold Air Corporation is also currently undergoing a product transition handled by the Airhandler Quality managed by Steve Gregg. Because the distance from the Airhandler's office and the components for the new production line necessitated the use of the bike, Gregg borrowed the bike for his team's activities. This became the highlight of the case as Ronnie was quite hesitant in lending the bike to the other department while Airhandler Quality team argued that they are currently handling the most important project in the plant so they should take possession of the bike and Debbie should buy a new one.
This paper will take a look at three problems encountered in...
What seems to be one of the major causes of the recent misunderstanding was the real purpose of the bike. It should be noted that the conflict have arisen because there seems to be a vague designation of the bike. It was stated in the case that the bike was purchased by Debbie's predecessor in order to "aid in transporting testing materials and small samples from one end of the plant to another."
However, there seems to be an inefficient communication within the organization as to where the bike should be used for. This can be indicated by the following situations:
1. the bike has been taken and repainted by the metal works department without the knowledge of Debbie or anyone in her department;
2. the bike was borrowed by the Airhandler Quality team for their own purposes and refused to return it without Debbie's formal request; and
3. Steve Gregg wants the bike to be utilized for his department as he is handling the most important project in the plant which will necessitate Debbie to buy a new bike for Ronnie's inspection.
At the start of the case, it was stated that Debbie's boss is "not an easy person to work for" since he expects his employees to have a "take charge attitude and avoid bothering him with trivial issues." Taking this into account, Debbie should try to resolve the problem at hand first before resorting to his immediate superior. It is seemingly wrong that Debbie should bother his supervisor due to a $250 bike if he had given them responsibility and accountability in solving "trivial" problems within their department.
In order to solve the conflict within the organization, Debbie should set the primary purpose which the bike will serve. As it was purchased by her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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