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Animals Unusual Behaviors - Essay Example

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Most of the animals show unusual behavior before any eruption of a volcano or any other natural disaster. We shall consider volcanic eruptions in particular as this is the theme of our essay, however, unusual behaviors are quite common as a response of different calamities…
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Animals Unusual Behaviors
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Extract of sample "Animals Unusual Behaviors"

Download file to see previous pages The phenomenon is also common in both wildlife animals as well as household pets like cats and dogs. However, it is often considered that animals belonging to wildlife have a greater instinct that that of household pets. Apart from animals, in the form of mammals or reptiles, some common insects, ants in particular, also show some unusual behavior at the time of volcanic eruptions. We can infer to a certain degree that is superior instinct is present in animals due to closer connection with mother nature that they have as compared to human beings, who have grown more towards exploiting nature for the purpose of developing civilizations and urbanizations. Some example of animals is given below to elaborate the exact behavior they show according to their kind and habitation.
Cats are a common form of pets that most people would love to have. It can also be said about cats that they have a better responsive instinct towards their environment and are often attentive to abnormalities within their environment of existence. As a result, a common behavior among cats of different kinds, regions and breeds is observed as they start jumping, hiding, running, trying to escape outside when they feel any danger of natural disaster. Pacing, hissing, or growling are also their unusual behaviors that can be seen particularly at the time of any volcanic activity. Cats may try to hide and look for a safe place such as refrigerators, cupboards, beds, sofas, shelves, etc.
It can be rightly said that dog is man's best friend. This is because of the high degree of responsiveness they show towards human action and behavior. Man has often relied on dogs as a trustworthy pet, especially in case of emergency or calamity. Generally, dogs are considered the most devoted animal to owners. Dogs have an elevated sense and are always ready protect their owners. Before any natural disaster or any volcano eruption, they also start behaving unusually. Generally, dogs do not hide like cats but start acting in the unusual manners:
Increased devotion to owners
Continuous movement around the doors or windows
Sticking or following you like glue
Before any volcanic eruption, some dogs may become more protective or aggressive while others will be fearful or act dejected. Pay attention to their personalities and individual needs and you will be able to avoid trouble. Drastic differences in the number of advertised lost dogs and the animal shelter loads can precede quake activity in a specific area. Large increases in these numbers could give you a clue to up coming earth activity. 1
Horses and Livestock
Those animals that have hooves also start acting in an unusual way before any volcanic eruption. They are grouped together in open areas and behave in a nervous pattern or pace. In addition, these animals often refuse to enter their burns and pens, and refuse to tie.
Other Animals
Other animals also act like disturbed animals by showing various types of unusual behaviors. Birds are a common example. A number of breeds of birds often show intelligent behaviors in the form of nesting and migration. A change of season can also be related to their migrating behavior. This means that they are far more conscious about the changing atmosphere. If we analyze the common type of volcano, we can see that there are volcanoes which do not erupt immediately rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animals Unusual Behaviors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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