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Equine Assisted Psycotherapy: Horses Helping Humans Holistically with the Treatment of Addicitions - Dissertation Example

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This paper will focus on the new emerging process called Equine-Assisted therapy. Hence, the paper will discuss the objective of the study and its significant importance. Furthermore, research objectives and methodology will also be included in this paper together…
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Equine Assisted Psycotherapy: Horses Helping Humans Holistically with the Treatment of Addicitions
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Extract of sample "Equine Assisted Psycotherapy: Horses Helping Humans Holistically with the Treatment of Addicitions"

Download file to see previous pages This study will further describe what really is equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and discuss the processes and methodology conducted during the therapy. Furthermore, the researcher will also evaluate how well the program contributed to those who subscribe to the therapy and how can it be further improve to a more effective tool for therapists.
This essay declares that a lot of people nowadays experience different kind of mental depression or obsession that result to temporary halt on their everyday lives. However, scientific medicines cannot solely cure everything that a person is experiencing most especially when it is psychological illness. Thus, doctors such as therapy and counseling are conducting a lot of alternative procedures. This research aims to describe and further discuss the new emerging therapy that involves the use of horses. Hence, this research can be of help to the further understanding of EAP and giving the readers new option in terms of therapy treatment. This research intends to describe how EAP works and measure its effectivity in terms of the success of those who undergone the said therapy for the purpose of educating people on this new innovation in the field of medicine. In general, this research aims to describe Equine-assisted Psychotherapy and its contribution in the field of medicine. A considerable variety of possible mechanisms of action have been proposed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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