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The Republicans and the Federalists were the two dominant political parties in the United States of America. They have many differences in terms of policies, ideologies, and other aspects. The Federalist was composed mostly of merchants and those in the upper class…
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The Two Dominant Political Parties in the United States of America
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HY 1110-08F-2, AMERICAN HISTORY I (HY1110-08F-2) The Republicans and the Federalists were the two dominant political parties in the United s of America. They have many differences in terms of policies, ideologies, and other aspects. The Federalist was composed mostly of merchants and those in the upper class. They were rich and were popular in territories where trades and big businesses abounded. In contrast, the Republican was made up of debtors and low-income people like the farmers and laborers. They influenced only the places populated mostly by farmers. Federalists interpreted the Constitution loosely to establish a central government in terms of military and fiscal powers because they believed that for an independent country to survive, it needs strong military power. The federalist also insisted that the government should be run by "best people" or the elite and not by the common people. They supported the executive branch of the government. The Republicans wanted strict and inflexible interpretation of the institution and opposed central government. They proposed that the government lessen its intervention to economy and give the power to the state because they desired more involvement of the people. They also support legislature to formulate laws in governing the populace. Federalists admired the British and wanted to copy the aristocracy of Great Britain. The Republicans favored France. The Federalists' suppression of freedom of press and speech was strongly opposed by the Republicans.
There were some similarities of these two political parties. To promote their policies and ideologies, the Federalists created Gazette of the United States and the Republican set up the National Gazette. This increased the involvement of the people, dividing further the Americans. Both parties supported foreign countries: the Federalist for Great Britain and the Republican for France. But the most significant similarity was that the Federalists and the Republican both aimed to give the Americans the best life and to make America a strong nation.
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