Third parties in contemporary American politics - Essay Example

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THIRD PARTIES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POLITICS Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Outline 1. Response to Major Party Failure 2. The American Party System 3. Third party in Two Party System 4. Spoiling For a Fight: Third-Party Politics in America 5. The Tyranny of the Two-Party System 6…
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Third parties in contemporary American politics
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"Third parties in contemporary American politics"

Despite of their anonymity, Rosenstone, Behr& Lazarus believe that the U.S third parties have put a sizeable impact on the national political framework2 . Having not elected any representative past the county, by highlighting issues not captured by the general political class, they have managed to thrive. However, their undoing is evident in their slow response to diverse matters. Rosenstone, Behr& Lazarus equally indicate that, based on political ideas and policies, it is possible that a third party would attract substantial backing of the people3. However, this would result in one of the one or both the parties anxiously struggling to win over voters. Based on their financial clout, the major parties would win over the supporters and take over the minor parties’ ideas and adopt them as their own. In light of this, it is evident that the power of third party political parties is dependable on their intrinsic capacity to affect the content and range of political discourse and ultimately public policies by outlining issues and options that the two principle parties have in the past failed to address. Reportedly, from the write up, third party is the avenue through which citizens can express their dislike of the current political class and address the injustices they have always endured4. “The American Party System” According to Bibby, & Sandy5 the two party systems found it’s rooting in the aftermath of the revolution. During the civil war, the nation divided into two parts and after the war; many political confrontations took a two sided confrontation. Secondly, the, the perpetuated idea of the winner taking all lead to the formation of a formidable bipartisan rivalry that solely aimed at ensuring victory for either side. Furthermore, major political debates took two sides at the centre stage with only two sides to any political debate. This has resulted in the third parties joining in either side of the debate there by assuming a democrats’ or a republicans’ stand. This not with standing, cases have arisen in which third parties have raised issues singled them out as major political forces. Additionally, Bibby, & Sandy notes that, the greatest impediment to the success of any of the third parties is the inherent belief by the public in the existing political system6. This evident in the 1992 and 1996 elections in which the reform party candidate faltered terribly despite the huge despite the huge financial base established by the party. “Third party in Two Party System” Gillespie talks about the third party impulse in the American politics. According to him, the impulse by the third party is attributable to the hardheaded nature of the two major parties and their perceived ideological weakness7. This void affords the establishment of third parties who are acutely ideological and less pragmatic. However, their ideological strength is hampered by the winner takes all policy. This does not offer them a stable national platform from where they can channel their political ideologies. The book gives brief history of known third parties like antimasonic party of the last 19th century and the preceding parties like progressive party. He points out money influence in third party politics in Ross Perot’s 1992 crusade8. Additionally, he reports the influence of women and blacks in third party politics noting their potential in dictating their future survival the fringe Read More
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