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Since these two have already their own sets of possible candidates, I will be running as an independent candidate. Meaning, I will not have to belong with this two…
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I want to be president of the united states
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Download file to see previous pages ts will have President Obama as its standard bearer while the Republicans are still in the process of primaries and caucauses in determining who would be their candidate for the Presidency (Anon).
The general theme of my candidacy will be the revitalization of America that Americans will have a renewed confidence in their country which previous leaders has put a doubt on it. The mismanaged economy which slid this country into a recession caused many Americans lost their jobs and homes that even until today, many Americans are still unemployed and poor. This was unthinkable during the heyday of America. Today, Americans are full of self-doubting that they are already entertaining that America will no longer be the strongest economy of the world with the US dollar be replaced by the Chinese yuan .
a. List the main things (at least 4) you want to accomplish as president. Explain why. Foremost of my agenda when I will become a President is to revitalize the American economy. This involves creation of jobs and removing the unemployment rate to zero. I will restore confidence in the American economy by getting back the triple AAA credit rating to help revitalize economy by making credit that will be used by business for expansion to be cheap so that businesses will be encouraged to expand their operations and create more jobs.
b. Minimize war spending to reduce public debt. If I become President of the United States, I will minimize America’s interventionist foreign policy that takes toll on public budget. Also, this foreign policy which has been adopted by previous presidents has earned America implacable enemy that made defense spending more expensive.
c. Rationalize immigration law and make it non-discriminatory. One of the things that I want to accomplish as President of the United States is to abrogate/veto the Arizona Immigration law which makes America discriminatory in the eyes of the world. I will have the law removed that empowers law enforcers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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